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Florida family june 2013

It was a great vacation for the kids but truly not worth the money we payed for the stay. Its noe almost a year later and hundres of treatments on our own home we wish we never went to this hotel. Bed bugs were infested all over and we brought them home.. my whole family still has troubles sleepto thus day. I would never want aanyone want to re live what we went through. Go on ur own risk.

I have nothing but GREAT things to say about this hotel. CLEAN for the amount you pay per night! Believe me I am paranoid about staying at hotels!! This place was clean...the beds were clean and the rooms were very nice. I have traveled to Florida a few times and have stayed at the most expensive hotel in Disney and they had bugs!! The Nic hotel is GREAT!

On September 1st 2013 my daughter woke up with small red spots that later turned into little blisters all over her thigh. I then called the front desk whom after 30 minutes and two phone calls sent a maintenance supervisor to check the room out. My husband at this point decided to check out. As we were about to get on the highway my daughter was screaming it hurt. So my husband got upset and turned around to go back to the hotel. When we arrived we asked to speak to a manager which again took at

least 30 minutes and two phone calls. When the manager finally arrived he showed no concern for my daughter what so ever!!!! It finally took a week and a half plus the local news channel contacting them to get a full refund. In the meantime, my daughter has been scarred emotionally and physically because of this ordeal! Also, the hotel still states it was not bed bugs! I would definitely stay away from this place!!! The customer service is horrid!

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We stay July 17-26 2013....Stay away!!! My son was in ER 2 times due to this hotel....He was bitten by bedbugs and the hotel don't care. He need medication it was so bad! The mattress looked like a murder scene the dr. said. The hotel management does not know how to deal with this problem nor do they care. They will not refund you your money. They cant clean to save their life. The room was dirty moldy and was gross the staff is clueless and they dont care they are just there to take your money

and give you no help. It was confirmed by Dr it was bedbugs but they still insist it wasn't...THIS PLACE SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN ...Peoples health are at risk

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I am staying at the Nickelodeon Hotel now, I am sooo paranoid now to sleep that I will lay my head on computer and sleep at the table.
I happened to come to this site just to see if there were any reviews and I promise you that it feels as if I am being bitten all over. Not sure if it is in my mind from reading this site or not. Thinking the thousands of people here a year of course there has to be. First night here, the staff all seem very nice. The life guards are very attentive to the pools

. What a relief. Happy that master bedroom is separate from children. Room smells a little funny but who knows why. Well now after midnight and I am very exhausted and need rest but now seeing site I am very much afraid to even look around. Will post back to see how this 3 day trip turns out.

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November 2009
First Family Vacation. No warning. I did not know anything about bed bugs. But 3 months later I found these creatures crawling in our beds. They were extremely hard to get rid of. It took my efforts along with the exterminator to get rid of these things.. I'm happy to say that my house is bed bug free. And I'm well versed on what to look for if I ever stay in another hotel.

Stayed 5/2010 and 6/1012. No bed bugs either visit. Mediocre resort with some interesting guests, but no bug issues.

My family and I stayed at Nickelodeon April 15-19 2013. On the second day I woke up with bites on my arm. I didn't know what it was and didn't see any bugs. Now my house is infested and it is going to cost $1500 to get rid of them. The exterminator said their growth is consistent with our time in Florida. My family and I will never stay there again.

BEDBUGS KILLED MY SON , but hes a faggot so i dont rlly care

I checked into nichelodeon hotel on Monday, 19, 2012 with my three kids. My son is 8 and he loves Spongebob and my 2 daughters love the hotel as well. I went during a law enforcement, firefighter, and military appreciation week and paid approximately $160 for the night which included an upgrade for the Spongebob room. At about 10pm, my son jumped up from the recliner and yelled something bit his testicles. He started panicking and ran into the bathroom. I then found a very small bug on his

testicles that I placed in a clear ziplock bag and I then called for a manager. No manager showed up, but security did. I told them what happened and they asked me to complete a written statement, which I did. They offered to remove the chair and I asked them to. They were polite and asked if my son required medical attention. I felt like security showed up instead of the manager because they were used to people being loud when complaining and because there was no manager on duty or they did not care. The kids would to sleep in the bunk beds because they were scared it may have bed bugs so I had three kids in my bed and I did not sleep. The next morning I followed up with the situation at the checkout desk. The manager, Devon Root, said that they would get back with me regarding their "investigation" and that they called a pest control company. when i said i was not satisfied with this, Decon Root continued to say they would get back to me within 2 days. I asked how she would like it if i told people that they had bed bugs and Devon Root said she would have me "removed" from the property. I had my kids with me and I never raised my voice or argued. i left there and tried to explain to the kids what her response was. i waited 4 days then contacted the Nichelodeon hotel to complain on the bed bug and the manager. The person who called me said to me that a "third party" checked the room and chair and did not find any bugs or bed bugs anywhere. When I asked what the bug was that I gave to the security guard (I already checked the Internet so I knew) the woman said the bug was "too small" to tell what it was, but it was not a bed bug. She said they would comp my $40 upgrade for a Spongebob room after i demanded to be reimbursed for the entire stay. I know when someone is lying to me and i strongly felt the woman lied to me regarding what the alleged pest control company (third party) found and she acted as if she did not care what I thought. I then asked who I was speaking with and the woman said Devon Root. I asked who else I could speak with and she said it was her. I told the kids we would never go back because of the way the complaint was handled and because of the bed bug we found biting his testicle.

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we got there on November the 9th checked in room 1414 late after leaving magic kingdom about 10pm my wife noticed bugs around the bed so we called the front desk and they changed our room we did not know what bedbugs looked like at the time !
they looked like red ants
they change the room for us to room 714 and the same thing they then gave us 618 checked out the room and told us it was inspected by professionals who work in there hotel and

it was clean of everything
2 hours later i go to move my kids from the king bed to there beds and i noticed a bunch of red ants (or so i thought) they were all over the sheets,pillows,blankets as i pulled back layer by layer i seen these brown roach looking things took a picture using google and it came up as bedbugs in there adult stage the others that looked like red ants were called nyphs the first stage of bedbugs i called the front desk 20 mins later security came up and said no these aint bedbugs there something else another guy came in and looked at the bed and said these are bedbugs for sure i know because i see them everyday !
in this hotel i said and he says to my surprise yes all hotels got them !
i do some fast research and i decide to leave all my belongs there and go and by new clothes till i wash the ones that were in the hotel my wife goes to walmart the only thing open at the time my kids are crying cause there afraid and itching like crazy
i demand for all my stuff to be cleaned by professionals 1hr later a manager finally comes to talk to me im pissed cause it took him that long for a manager to come
they give me another room i left the other room wrapped in sheets and no clothes with my family doing the same both me and my wife never slept we held our kids in our arms while they slept while or stuff was being cleaned or so we thought all they did was bring up our stuff on a bell cart i said its 4am who did you find at this time to do this the guys name paul and his manager mohamed told me they told me "a company called messy the best in the business " thats great i said do you have there number so i can have them check my car as well and thank them for coming out here so late he told me i can get it for you i didnt believe him so i googled the number and called and they told me they never did such a thing and if i want they could i told them to come and do it and they said they cant till 10am that morning and that it would take up to 8 hrs mean while i told paul and mohamed not to bring any of our belongings in to this room so it dont get infested from the other room and dont let anyone go in that room cause all our belongings are in there ! they said no problem 4hrs later 8:30am messy is there i went to the room with him were my stuff is being held and i noticed items missing the managers told me know one was in there
the guy from messy opened garbage bags and starts emptying out our bags in to trash bags and takes the suit cases too
i know he didnt take our stuff cause i was there with him
they took cameras, pills, sunglass,clothes and other misc.
while that was going on i seen someone checking in to room 618 ! can you believe that ! i ran to tell the guy with his wife and two little girls what just happened in there not more then afew hours ago and he goes crazy
next the managers comes to me and tells me that if i tell anyone else they will have me escorted off the property i told him to call them now cause im gonna tell everyone and they cant do this to other families and that this aint right
they told me bedbugs are not that big of a deal there like Mosquitos and they dont clean or shut down rooms for them and if you think about it they said its kind of silly too ( i know it blew my mind too ) these people tried to make me look crazy for making this a big deal !
long story short i beg you if you care at all about your family please dont go here if you dont believe me i have pictures and videos of them and what they did to my kids im going to post them on youtube i'll need some time to do this cause i just got back home thank god for phones that records and takes pictures or else i wouldnt have any proff

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Certified K-9 Inspections

Hotel Needs to be swept for Bed Bugs using a Certified K-9 Team.
Call 877-597-9337....877-K9-SWEEP.

Our Family checked onto Hotel Nick on the 4th of Aug.,2011. 3 children, Mother(ER Medician Physician) & myself. We checked out on the 7th. Of course we expected misquitoes. Each day there were more & more bites. Awaiting a flight out we Googled sites for bedbugs as we all itched more & more & found many reports of bedbugs at thia location. We stopped where we were & went to a condo...stripping outside completely and showering for 30 min.with various soaps & shampoos in very hot water. After 5 da

ys of cleaning & spraying & drying in hot dryers everything in suitcases & the car. We sprayed the empty car w/ cans of bedbug spray closed it up and left it in the hot Fl sun. Did the same to suitcases. We sprayed the condo outside entry where we dumped everything then did 35 tubs of laundry. What really made us thankful about doing all of this was that a 10yr old son broke out in big welts 7-8 days after check out, confirming our doubts of whether we were dealing w/ misquitos vs's BEDBUGS.

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I went to stay here with my husband Dick. When Dick and I left the hotel we had bites in our private areas. I had bites on my vagina and Dick had bites on his penis. Intercourse now hurts and I am having blue discharge. Does anybody else have the same problem. It itches like hell.

We have been there on 05/14/2011.
we stay for one night and i came home with lots os bug bite,now that I find this site I can not believe that so many peaple went throught the same thing.Shame on them !!!!!

Jan. 14 2010 in room 1320 I think was the room. You could even see the bugs crawling by the baseboard in the bathroom. Manager came up at 5:30 in the morning and switched us to room 1423, did not see any bed bugs, but its now two weeks later and my five year old son woke up with bites on his face and palm of his hand in linear pattern..I am so utterly disatisfied with the way the hotel handled the situation and have NO plans on returning to that establishment. Not even a meal was comped. I h

ave recently heard that there is a local lawyer dealing with bed bug cases and may contact him as the Nickelodeon Hotel seems not to care very much about the problem.

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Just checked out today...NO BED BUGS. I am actually really disappointed because all of the reports on this site ended up emotionally psyching me out. I bought travel bed bug and lice spray and spent too much time combing over the bed and room.

I called in advance and was told they have had only 1 confirmed case. I stayed in BLDG 14, room's clean.

For my own 2 cents is not the hotel's fault if they have bed bugs, only their fault regarding how they choose to handle it..

.yes, please report them, but they do not toss them in the room...other travelers do. The hotels cannot spend hours combing rooms for 1 bug...

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I woke up with painful and ugly red marks all over. When I reported it to the hotel manager they said that security would investigate. They also lied and said they had not heard about any prior incidences of bed bugs (though there are reports all over the internet about the Nick Hotel) They were not apologetic at all and did not even follow-up with as much as a phone call or email. I will NEVER go back.

When I got home I threw out all of our luggage and washed every article of clothing, s

tuffed animals, etc to ensure that we did not get an infestation at home. I am grateful that in the end we did not get invaded by bed bugs as I understand it can be very difficult and expensive to get rid of them. The marks lasted for several weeks.

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We stayed here for 5 nights Nov 1-5. I found this website after we had made our reservations. I was so worried about bedbugs I couldn't even get excited for our trip. When we checked in I searched the room for bugs. I checked everything, the mattress, pillows, curtains, nightstand, couch, etc. and found nothing. Not a trace of bedbugs anywhere. We had two rooms in building 13, one on the 3rd floor and one on the 5th. No one had any bites at all.

the bedbugs bited me on the butt and it hurt

I went with a group of children & parents over Mother's Day weekend this year. We stayed in building 10, 6th floor. Several of us woke up with bites after the first night, but assumed something had bitten us at the pool. I had more bites after the second night. By the time I returned home, I had numerous bites that itched worse than anything I've ever had. My fault, but I scratched so much that I ended up with cellulitis and several prescriptions. I made three separate calls to the hotel w

ith promises that a manager would return my call - no one ever did. I now thoroughly check hotel rooms when I travel. The kids had a blast, but I won't be a return customer.

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We too stayed at this hotel New Years 2008. We came home with the bugs and preceeded to infest couch in living room. Thank goodness it was not in our bedroom. Couch is now gone and we have had no other problems. Too bad it ruined what we thought was a great vacation.

My daughter and I stayed in this hotel in May, 2009. When I returned home, I had approximately 12 bites on my left side, bites by my shoulder and under my arm. I am a side sleeper. Anyway, this hotel was great except for the bites! (My daughter did not have any bites on her...)

We had a three night stay on June 5-6-7 2009. Had a great time but had bed bug bites within 24 hours of returning home. Called to report this to management and was told they would send me a copy of the room inspection report. I never received anything so I called back and was told by the manager that the people staying in the room after us had no problem so there must not be anything in the room. If you go there MAKE SURE you check the mattress before you go to sleep!

i just came back from a 3 night stay at nick hotel, the next day i had about 20 bites under my pj shirt they are very itchy. Other than that the hotel was fine my daughter loved it.our stay was from aug 10th thru the 13th of 2008

We stayed in a family suite for one night, and two of us were definitely bitten. Tons of disgusting spots appeared on our arms, chest and legs within 24 hours of leaving.

It's a shame. Everything else about the stay was great.