Nickelodeon Family Suites
14500 Continental Gtwy
Orlando, FL 32821-5100

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BED BUGS everywhere!!! Absolutely disgusting! Their engineering team confirmed it. Treated our clothes and returned them in plastic bags all a mess in a ball in the bag. Shrunk mine and my sons sneakers and would not replace them. The hotel mgr called security on me because I said bed bugs at the counter. Can you imagine? A small framed female! Obviously a huge problem here. Then suggested I may have brought them in! Absolutely disgusting!

Stayed in July 2013. Room had live bed bugs hiding in bed skirt, checked before we unloaded our suit cases-- because of this site. Confirmed bed bugs from resort. Engineering confirmed. Nasty place stay at away.

Stayed in July 2013. Room had live bed bugs hiding in bed skirt, checked before we unloaded our suit cases-- diktat beaus oaths site. Confirmed bed bugs from resort. Engineering confirmed. Nasty place stay at away.

July 16 2013 - July 17 2013
Just came from staying at the nickelodeon hotel. We had two rooms that connected in building 14. There was evidence that bed bugs had been there before i.e. bug droppings. We stayed anyways as there were 12 of us and we went for my daughters birthday. We however had no bites and i woke up about every hour and checked on everyone and found nothing.

this site is bullshit. I just posted about 50 bullshit posts with a fake email address and they all went straight on the site. don't believe anything you read here. Check for yourself.

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Nickelodeon Resort BEDBUG City!! Thursday May 23rd checked into room 1411. Room appeared clean on the surface and everything was neat and in order. Little did we know what lurked below the surface. Had a great time at the pool and went back to our room and passed out after a long day of travel. It was our first day of vacation. My seven year old daughter fell asleep on the sofa first and then we sent the two older boys to bed in the bunk beds. When I picked my daughter up to move her to her b

ed I saw reddish brown insects crawling on her. Then I started to undress her to put on her pajamas and there were more. She had bites and I literally had to swipe the pests off of her and she started crying. It was horrible. I immeadiately went to check on the boys who had fallen asleep by this time and they had the insects crawling on them too. Bedbugs are like little vampires. You don't know that they are crawling on you because they wait until you are asleep and then they bite you. Please don't go to this hotel if you love your family!!!! We checked out right away and demanded a refund. We went and checked in a clean Disney Resort. The Polynesian was very nice. There were no bedbugs there.

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I stayed in room 964 for two weeks in November of 2012. My wife and daughters all contracted head lice. The resort refused to take responsibility and said there was no need to fumigate room 964. Even after I told them that three people stayed in that room with head lice, my family.

Upon arrival at the resort we were given room 1064. We found feces in the toilet and dirt on the master bed as if employees were using the room as a lounge or break room.

I have filed complaints with state agen

cies including the BBB.

Do yourself a favor, stay somewhere else.

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We hv stayed here at least 6 times..the room was suface clean..But I pulled a 12 inch long clob of disquesting hair out of drain bc my son screamed. in the was covered in mold and grossness..i hv pictures of ther nasty room..anyway..I slept in the master and my son and husband slept in the bunk beds..I woke up w bites all over my hands and arms..just thought it was the detergent they used..we brought our own pillows. This was at the end of its Dec 23rd and my son(who slee

ps w me) and I r covered in bites that r painful and itchy as u know what.. I have called the hotel 3 times and keep getting the same story..we cant keep records in the computer after u leave. We go no where. Excpet nick once a year.. they keeps telling me they will hv a 3rd party go into the room and call me back.but everytime I call Its the same..we show nothing in our computer Mam..I am soooooooooooo pissed..Never again will we go there and stay...Like they r actully gunna call me and say..we found bedbugs in your room!!! No gunna happen...BEWARE!!!!!!! I just want them to pay the 600 i hv been quoted to get rid of them..they can pay the company..IDK!!!Signed..TRUELY NEED HELP>>>HAVE PICS OS BITES AND GROSS ROOM!!! If they dont call me back I may publish them!!!

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I was there over the weekend of the 9/30/12 to 10/1/12 and we never in a million years thought to look for bed bugs. So when we got home we noticed mine and my wife's arms bitten up by bed bugs. I feared we brought them back with us but lucky we didn't. We stayed on the 5th floor room #1250. Beware!

We just got home from a stay(10/1-10/5/12) on the 3rd floor of building 12 and after reading the reports on here, I was VERY worried. After looking over the beds, sheets, floors, ect. very carefully, I am happy to report NO BUGS, & NO bites whatsoever!! Kids had a great time & the staff was helpful and wonderful!! We would definately go back :)

BED BUGS! I just came back from the hotel last weekend. We stayed one night. My friend got up in the morning to notice a few bugs on her bed, she touched them and the had blod on them. She reported the issue to the hotel and they sent a bug person to her room. When they lifted the matress there were bugs crawling around everywhere. He confirmed they were bed bugs. They had to treat her clothes and luggage with heat treatment for 3 hours therfore they HAD to extend her stay that day an

d pay for her lunch. They DID NOT compensated her for her room that night as she booked thru a different company.
She called the company she booked thru to ask for re-imbursment and Nickelodeom denied there were bed bugs, they said the sent the "one" bug they found to a lab to test and they already did enough for her! She did not get her money back. TERRIBLE experience to go thru. I am shocked such a big company can be so nasty to customers.

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Me and my family stayed at the Nickelodeon Suites May 4-6 2012. While we didn't receive any noticeable bites while we where there, about two weeks after we got back I saw what I thought might be a bed bug crawling on the wall outside my daughters room. Something told me to check her sheets and I noticed dots of blood on the sheets near the foot of her bed. I shrugged it off hoping that it was just from her scratching, because she does have dry skin, but the possibility of a bed bug issue lurk

ed in my mind. On the weekend, I said lets go ahead and change the sheets, and while we are at it, let me inspect the mattress (nervous about what I might find) When I pulled the mattress up, there was one bed bug with the fecal matter it leaves behind. While the mattress seemed to be okay, I lifted the boxspring and saw a couple more. In the days to come I saw a few more. I called for a bed bug inspection from our local pest control company. I paid $1,700 to have all the mattress and box springs heat treated and have a chemicals sprayed to eliminate the problem (Its been a little over a week since I have seen one..hope to never see them again). From the research I did, I know that these creatures can multiply exponentially in a few months. I figured it had to come from our hotel stay at the Nickelodean Suites because we had not been anywhere else in the past couple of weeks. Now that I have seen the posting on this site, it confirms that this is where we/she picked them up.

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Arrived at hotel to find ants crawling on the blanket. I uncovered the blanket to inspect the sheets and saw tiny crawling bugs which I assume are bed bugs.
I told the front desk and they refused to credit my room. No manager was available after waiting 45 minutes for one. I tried to follow up with the hotel and couldn't get a person to pick up the phone for over 30 minutes. They refused to credit me because they said I needed to stay on the premises while they inspected the room. It'

s the grossest hotel I've even seen. They had no towels available at the pool and ran out of bath towels. I know this because while I was complaining about bed bugs - there were dozens of people screaming in the lobby. This is a flea-bag motel and Nickelodeon should be embarrassed to have their name associated with it.

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I had a trip booked (just returned 2hrs ago) for two nights and three days at the Nick Suites in Orlando! Prior to heading out my wife called me, and told me that some of her co-workers (we just moved to FL in Aug) told her that this place was infested with Bed Bugs. I then went online and came across this site, and I read all the reports on here, and caught a serious case of PARANOIA of the highest order (I have three children)! So I called them, and expressed my concerns, and they assured me t

hat everything was fine (of course they are not going to tell me the truth!).

So I did all the research my brain can soak on how to search for these things, as to where they hide/sleep, the time they come out to feed, and the residue they leave (feces, etc etc) to prepare myself for the worst. A friend of mine has his own pest control business so I picked his brain as well.

Upon arrival, I left all our luggage in the trunk of the car, sent my wife and kids to go eat in the mall area while I inspected the room with latex gloves, a can of "Kill on contact" Raid (for the Roaches or Palmetto Bugs I read about as well), and a spray bottle full of Alcohol (for the bedbugs). Based on my research on what to inspect, and what to do; it took me two and a half to three hours checking the whole room. The only thing I found was old feces residue on the lining of one of the mattresses (one of three in the room), and in some of the dressers (not much though). You can tell the mattress was steamed, and disinfected/treated. The residue in the dresser drawers was old as well. I DID NOT SEE ANY BED BUGS ANYWHERE!

I did not use the drawers (I never use them anyways), so we hung up all our clothing in the closets, and put our luggage high up on top of the closet racks.

They had the head boards bolted on the wall with huge Phillips Head Screws (thank God I have tools in my trunk) so I removed the screws and checked the head boards (the most common place they hide). No residue or bugs in the head boards. I checked every hour as my kids slept (bed bugs come out between 3 and 5am), NO BUGS, NO BITES.

Other than the OLD residue on that one mattress, and in the two drawers, the room was clean. I expressed my concern to management, and stated that those dresser drawers should have been discarded along with the mattress. To express their gratitude and thanks they gave us Nick Cash to spend, and they offered us another room. I did not take the room cause I was not about to spend another 2hrs searching another room, and my kids were WAY TOO EXCITED FOR ME TO CANCEL. I had peace of mind knowing there were no bugs because if there were any, I would have definitely found them! Although searching the room the way I did, drained a ton of energy out of me, it was worth it because it gave me peace of mind, and tranquility.

I was worried about the box springs cause I could not see underneath them due to them being covered (which means they were not old or broken), but upon my research on what signs to look for on a box spring, 95 percent chances are they were clean.

As far as Roaches (I read reports on that too), I DID NOT SEE ANY ROACHES! And if I would have seen one, it would have not bothered me much because they are common here in FL! There called Palmetto Bugs here (they don't like the term Roach, lol), and FL has a TON OF THEM. They are almost everywhere. If you are paranoid, just cover the drains, and spray the bottom of your door, and the perimeter of your room, and bathroom, and you won't get any. If you do, they will be dead upon contact! I'm sure the people who have seen them was just a case of bad luck anyways.

Most importantly my children were SO HAPPY, and they HAD A BLAST! My wife loved the place, it was not crowded, and we were treated with respect by all the workers. Security is an A++++++. We are definitely going back.

Sorry for the long comment, but I hope this helps! We had a blast of a time!


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I just got back today from a 5 day stay at Nickelodeon in Orlando. After reading the reports about this hotel I felt it I should post my experience. I was warmly greeted at the entrance and at check-in. I was surprised by a "resort fee" that AAA didn't tell me about (or I didn't catch in the small type) when I booked my room through them. It wasn't much over $100 for the five days. After seeing the bedbug reports on here the days before I checked my entire room with a very bright flashlight the

day I arrived. (room 918). Happy to report I didn't see any bedbugs or any traces of them from the past. I felt confident that the room was clean. This is what I thought of the place. The room was pretty clean kind of small, but I expected that. The sheets looked very clean. The carpet was a little above average. The bathroom was clean, but they didn't give us wash cloths two days in a row?? My kids loved the water slides! The staff was great! There were live shows by the pool. Food- The restaurant prices were ridiculous, but there was a reasonably priced hamburger joint and Subway sandwich spot in the same area. The room smelled a little funny, but over all grade would be an 8 of 10. In the end...I plan to go back!!! Thx Nickelodeon for a great vacation for my family!!!

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Certified K-9 Inspections

Hotel Needs to be swept for Bed Bugs using a Certified K-9 Team.
Call 877-597-9337....877-K9-SWEEP.

I'm a former employee of this hotel and I found another job just because of the things I saw. There are bedbugs ALL OVER the hotel. It was not unusual for us to have 10+ rooms at a time out of order for, yep you guessed it, bedbugs. The company brought in to treat them can't seem to get it under control. That coupled with the dirty rooms, bad food, tiny, crowded pools and lack of parking makes for some angry, angry guests. I left at the first opportunity I got. With my own eyes I saw infes

tations so bad that when the children were bitten, it looked something out a movie crime scene. The sheets were covered with blood spots since the child rolled over onto the bedbugs as they were feeding. Very disturbing to this day.

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My stay was from July 15th thru 21st, but left early!! Rooms...1116, 618 (bedbugged room), and 917 (cockroach room)!

Now let me start by saying I've been visiting this hotel since the first year it opened, 8 years ago, and I've always praised this hotel to everyone I knew. I even booked a group of 54 one year so they could get the great experience we were used to getting! My family and I missed our visit last year bcuz I was pregnant with twins, so my family, husband and I were extremely exc

ited to introduce Nick to our new family additions this year and it was a trip longgg overdue. WELL, lets see where do i start, we booked/paid for our hotel room, DROVE from Maryland, family pack of 7. Crowded when we checked in, to be expected. We were reserved for a room on the 6th floor overlooking the waterpark, in which we wanted a ground or closer to because of the slow elevators and back n forth with the babies and all. We asked to have our room changed and was told they didn't have anything until the next morning on ground level and it would be an additional $150 to change to a stinking sponge bob room! Ok, we paid that, no big deal. The next morning, we had a ground level room in front of the pool area, wasn't ready until after 2pm, but we had our luggage/belongings moved to the new room. I believe the next morning i noticed blood stains on the bed. I looked and my 8 month old had dryed blood on his ears, so i brushed it off as if he had scratched his ear or something. Then the next day i noticed stains again. I thought the damn housekeeping didnt' change the sheets or something, soooo the next night, mind you this is probably two days later, my 8 month old son started crying. i asked my husband to turn on the lights so i could calm him down, and this is at 3am! He turns on the light, I turn around and asked him what was that? he says i just killed a bug, then he says, and there's another...I quickly get up with infant in arms and said there goes another, OMG BEDBUGS!!! He grabs my other infant (twins, boy & girl) and we get our other children outta bed. I quickly call the front desk and explained, bedbugs. They sent someone from engineering. He came about 20 mins later...asked me where they were and I showed him to our bedroom. He could see them crawling on my pillow. And it wasn't just one, I mean, from the babies to the mamas and the poppas!!! Hella grouse!!! there was even one big one crawling on my 14 yr old!!! We were told they would move us to another room. we could only bring what we would wear on tomorrow and leave everything in our room to be treated and such. So we moved to another room....this is about 4am now. I had to wash ALL of our hair to make sure we wasn't carrying none in there, shake out all of our clothes, shoes, underclothes etc..!! Everywhere I looked i thought i was seeing bugs and sometimes I was, just not bedbugs, I guess! But by then I was truly paranoid!! My kids were paranoid, it was a mess! The next morning the daytime manager came to our room and explained that they would treat our room and items, including our babies car seats, etc, have our clothes cleaned and return the one night fee for that night, and a breakfast at the buffet, NOT EVEN A CHARACTER BREAKFAST...WTH?? By the time everything was "cleaned", it was 8pm. I was truly ready to go the hell home! So we packed up, leaving the twin bassinette, our luggage and stuffed animals won at the parks there! wasn't taking any chances, heard bedbugs can live/hide in the wheels of your luggage and such, and as many as I saw I wouldn't have been surprised!! Once receiving our items and clothes, we then noticed that my daughters jewelery box was missing, with her new class ring inside and other jewelery. they wouldn't let us back in the room to look for anything, claiming there were chemicals in the room and sent someone to look for it, but couldn't find it, so that means it was STOLEN! HA! yep that's it time to check out! When we said we wanted to check out, the night time manager first said that they normally wouldn't give back that refund, but spoke to another manager and we were reimbursed two nights!! HA! NOT DONE YET!!..... soooo on our drive home my husband notice a HUGH cockroach on the dash of the car as he was driving. After him trying to kill it with a tissue and quickly smashed it with my shoe!!!!! My husband thought it had been living in the car for a minute because it knew where to hide from one end of the dash to the other, until i got to'em! I told him that it was from the new room because I saw one dead in the bathroom that looked just like it!! ew,ew, eww!!!! AND YES THERE'S MORE.....After the long swerving drive back to Maryland, because we were so tired with no rest, refusing to stop/stay at another hotel...we were finally home. I had a few bites on my arm when we left the hotel, a few days after that I started seeing bites up and down both of my arms and could not stop itching. Had to go to the emergency room twice because the creams were not working! My arms were like a bedbug buffet!!!!!! And my arms are marked with bites!! I've even found bites on my infant baby girl!! Needless to say, I am not done with the Nickelodeon Hotel and this situation, but knew that it was my duty to inform future visitors!!! Like I said, I have always praised this hotel, but even before all of this happened, my 16 yr old was complaining that the hotel looked/seemed ran down. And we have been there since the beginning but I definitely have to say that this was our LAST VISIT! My advise to you, if you choose to stay here, check your beds, sheets, mattresses, bathrooms, floors and all immediately when you get to your room!!!!!

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My friend and two of our kids stayed at the hotel for three nights. We checked the room and saw nothing. We did not have any bites nor any bedbugs but I felt it important to let you know what I walked into the bathroom at 3 am to find a very large (approx. 3 inch) waterbug crawling around by the toilet bowl on the floor. Contacted front desk only to be told that they had no issues.

According to a friend who lives there, she said they are common in FL and can crawl out of toilet bowls but t

here is an easy remedy, if only the hotel would treat the water to avoid this problem. I could not sleep the last night. It was dirty and unkempt. I have stayed in many hotels and this is my first negative report.

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Spent time looking at this site before heading to Nickelodeon resort this past week. Was definitely concerned and made it a point to search all of our beds once we checked-in looking for any sign of bedbugs. Happy to say we had nothing but a very enjoyable time at this resort. No bedbugs, no lice, no dirty pool. Staff was very energetic and helpful and my 4 year old had a great time. Not discounting the negative experiences others may have had on this board but felt it important to share a posit

ive experience at the resort.

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this was the worst experience of my life,thepool was dirty, the outside bathrooms were the most digusting bathrooms I have ever seen . We returned home with bed bugs in our suitcase, had to throw out all of our clothes, not to mention the lice both my children got.... I wish the would remberse us for the clothes and the aggravation we had to go threw with the lice.

Stayed one night, August 25, 2010. Upon returning home we had both bites and lice. Hotel appreared very clean. Prior to that we had stayed at family home (not used in months) so had no chance of getting either from that home. We did not report it as we didn't know until we came home and we found lice in both my head and my daughters head. I had small bites on my back and my arms as well.

My family stayed here in August 22-23 2010, after the first night I woke up with bites all over. I thought I was bit at the pool. The second night I actually felt something crawling on me in the bed and woke up with more and more bites. I immediately went to the front desk. they had someone check the room and told me there was no evidence of bed bugs. They told me they could be fruit fly or sand fly bites. I never left the Resort or went to the beach or near sand. They switched my room to anothe

r building. As soon as I got off the plane in my state, I went to my doctor who confirmed they were bed bug bites. I had a shot of Benadryl and am taking oral pills. They certainly have a problem they do not want to address. For the money you pay, it's not worth the creepiness.

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August 28 2010

Do not go unless u want bed bugs! These people are the rudest people on the planet but they admit they've had problems but they were taken care of two wks ago! They have not been taken care of and we didn't end up sleeping there and they still charged us! Don't take our word for it ask around there's a lot of the same stories out there!

August 30 2010
We showed up wiyh four adults and two grandchildren. My son in law fell asleep on the bed and woke up with bites around ankles. We discreetly went to front desk and they were very rude! But admitted they had problem two months ago they wanted a housekeeper to look at his bites r u serious! We had a 6 month old and two n half year old sitting outsidecuz we were afraid to let them in the room. We decided at ten thirty at night we were leaving we thought something was going on beca

use they weren't sorry ot apologetic! At elevenatnight we found a beautiful timeshare to accommodate us. Three days later we mmet a family who got lice and bed bugs in april and they were just as rude! Nickelodeon is infested!stay away!

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I decided to stay at this hotel because of the family friendly environment. We only needed 2 nights accomodation before our timeshare would be available for the week. We arrived late in the evening and wanted nothing more than to get some sleep. The first thing I always do is to enter the room alone and check the beds carefully for bugs. It took me less than 30 seconds to see this room was infested. I should have known better than to stay there as past guests had posted bad reviews on Tripa


I returned to the front desk where a rude young lady told me I would have to wait until housekeeping could verify what I said. They denied seeing bugs, even after I pointed out crawling insects! They said it looked like ants!! I cancelled my reservation and set off down the road to find a cleaner hotel. The good thing was half a dozen other families heard me speaking to the front desk and decided to check their rooms as well. Maybe more people will be aware of the problem with bugs!

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