Marriott Vista Grande Villas
5925 Avenida Vis
Orlando, FL

Found 3 reports:

The room that the bed bugs were in was actually our SECOND room during our stay. The first room had a terrible odor, so bad that it was giving me a headache. The front window was leaking and there was black mold on the curtains!

I called Interval International and they worked with the front desk to get us into a new room. After refusing to take a room with less beds/rooms, they found one for us that was exactly what we had but just on the other side of the lake.

The hotel staff helped u

s move our things over to the new room. We put our things in the rooms and when i entered my bedroom and turned on the light on the night table beside the bed, an ADULT LIVE BED BUG WAS ACTUALLY CRAWLING on my iPad! I only know now that it was actually a bed bug after research because we brought them home! It was a little larger than a grain of rice, reddish-brown, and oval in shape. I killed it immediately.
I did notice another actually on me! yuck.

It is now almost 2 months later and i am being awaken at night in my own bed at home with intense itching and wake up with tiny red itchy bites all over me! My husband thinks I'm crazy because he is having no reaction whatsoever.

I am very upset and would like to know if i have any recourse with the hotel.

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Stayed at this hotel in June 2011. Great experience, no bedbugs. Very Clean!

Daughter slept on sofa bed in living room and got chewed up. Thought it was being out that night. Now have bugs at home