Lake Buena Vista Resort Village
8112 Poinciana Blvd
Orlando, FL

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Upon arrival, we attempted for an early check-in. We were told that the room was not ready, which we understood as we were early. When we asked for confirmation that we would be in building five (as recommended by various reviews) we were told that the hotel was up to capacity and they were unable to honor this request, even though it was made six months prior.
We returned at check-in time and went to our room. Upon entering the room with the family and upon a standard bed-bug check of the

mattresses and box-springs, we were aghast at the sightings ~ bed-bug sightings! It appears to be a big problem in building three! We went back downstairs with two young children in-tow, unsure of what to do. We explained to the desk-clerk at the check-in/main desk about the bed-bug signs and he immediately started typing on the computer to find another room never questioning our sightings at all. This occurred TWO more times! My husband started taken pictures of the bed-bug signs (blood stains, etc.) by the second room and the clerk did not want to see them or dispute the claim. After demanding to speak with a manager and on the verge of tears, we were finally given a room that appeared to be bug-free, and it just so happened to be in building five. It was a horrible start to a “magical” vacation for sure.
We would have definitely requested our money back if it hadn't been spring-break week as we were unsure if we would be able to find another hotel. Not only was this gross and nerve-racking check-in experience, but due to the time it took to check all these rooms and finally get a “clean” one, we ended up missing our planned reservations for dinner at Downtown Disney.

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