Holiday Inn Sunspree Lake Buena Vista
13351 State Road 535
Orlando, FL 32821

Found 2 reports:

Just stayed there 5 days ago, clean as a whistle. no bedbugs to be seen.

On 10/27/11, I checked into the Holiday Inn Lake Buena Vista Hotel and after a long day of traveling, I turned in for the night. About 15 minutes later, the inner part of my elbow started to itch. I noticed a bump and I got up and pulled the covers back. Initially, I did not see anything, then after about another 15-20 minutes I found additional bumps on my body. I called the front desk and asked if they had bed bugs. The representative said not that he knew of but he would look into seeing what

he could do and call me back. After about 30 minutes, I called him back. I asked if I wanted to move to another room or stay in that room. I said I definitely did not want to stay in that room. In the meantime, I pulled the covers back and searched the bed again and found a bed bug. When the representative came to my room to help me move I showed him the bed bug. I was moved to another room and at the time I wasn't sure it was a bed bug until the next morning when I researched it on the internet. Even though I did not see another bed bug, I was still not comfortable with that hotel.

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