Hampton Inn Orlando-Florida Mall
8601 S Orange Blossom Trl
Orlando, FL 32809-7909

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I too had Bed Begs from this hotel. I only stayed one night at the hotel and it just felt dirty. Told my husband we need to move out. Went to a different hotel. Totally unsuspecting that we might have the bugs with us. Eventually they came home with us and I spent months with these welts all over my arms which I thought I was suddenly allergic to something. Paid lots of money to different doctors. I never could see any bugs. Finally I saw a blood stain on my sheets and then we found out they wer

e in our headboard. This all started from the time we stayed in this hotel. I reported it to Hilton who sent me 1 free night stay in a hotel. It cost me $3500.00 to get rid of them in my house. I tried to do it myself, but ended up having to get the room heated and to have all my clothes washed or dry cleaned in my closet where I stored my suitcases. It took months to get rid of them. Worse part is I have scares all over my arms from it and I have a VERYb hard time staying in a hotel anymore.

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Woke up to found them in our bathroom and when we told them at the front desk they said they were not bed bugs. A guest that was staying there from out of town and looked and said yep that is a bed bug. He kindly came to the room and looked for us in the room. The hotel was very slow in wanting to help us out.

Found bed bugs in bathroom in room 151. Confirmed by an exterminator who was also staying in the hotel. Noticed a very heavy bleach smell upon arrival..so apparently they were aware of a problem . Did not receive good customer service when trying to resolve the issue. Very unhappy.

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