Haifeng, Renaissance
6677 Sea Harbor Dr
Orlando, FL 32821-8007

Found 3 reports:

We stayed at this hotel and later realized later the room had bedbugs. The hotel followed up and confirmed this with us. They offered to pay for expenses incurred dealing with this but no refund for our stay. They were professional about it but the crawlers have creeped me out. We stayed in room 9074 for 4 days in may 2012

Stayed at this property recently. After reading this was concerned, although found this property to be super clean and free of any bb or any other critters.

On Friday October 8th, 2010 we arrive and found bed bugs under the mattress in the first room we checked into. There was one that was moving along the seam of the box spring and about 5-10 were present. We informed the front desk who offered a breakfast voucher (a 20 dollar value). We thought this was not adequate and we were told we could speak with a manager in the morning (one was not available). We were given another room on a different floor and different location in the hotel. We chec

ked the bedding and found bloodstains on the mattress and a few more bed bugs on the box spring. We left the hotel and did not spend any time there.

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