Fountains Resort
12400 International Dr S
Orlando, FL 32821

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We stayed at the fountains resort between June 27 and July 4th. During the weekend, my daughter started getting welts on her arms and we thought she had an allergic reaction to something. Then after 2 nights it was not getting better after lots of benadryl. Today, We finally inspected the bed and saw the little bugs in the bed. We stayed in Building one room 408. The hotel is moving us from our room and is sending our clothes to be cleaned. They are also covering my daughters doctor bill, so t

hey say.

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I stayed at The Fountains Resort 19-26 February 2014. Got a 'rash' while there. My daughter was way worse. When we returned home we went to the Dr. only to learn it is bed bug bites. We stayed in building 6 unit 6505.

Very sad and disturbing.

I stayed at the Fountains Resort from March 24 - 30 2010. Our room was 6307 in building #6. I noticed a few spots where it looked and felt like I had poison ivy but it kept getting worse. I was also dealing with kidney stones while I was there and spent alot of time in the bed. By the time I got back home the marks were all over my body and were itching me to death. I intitally thought I had some allergic reaction to something but when I went to the hospital the following day he said it loo

ked liked bug bites. That is when I did research into bed bugs and found out that my wife had a spots on her arms and legs as well. I had to get on steroids in order to get rid of the marks and the itching. I'm still all marked up and have sores where I itched them so much. I would be very careful and check out your bedding before you sleep in their beds.

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