Extended Stay Deluxe Hotel
8100 Palm Pky
Orlando, FL 32836-6428

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July 8 Room 141. Checked in late...pool time with the kids, showers and kids tucked in. I checked their bed...seemed clean. When my husband and I went to bed I found hair in our bed....Yuck..But the kids were already in bed so I just toughed it out and tried as best I could to clean it out. Woke up the next day no problem...Thursday morning at home we woke up to find that my husband was attacked. His head , face, arms and leg had been bitten in rows of three. Upon investigating we found o

ut that that is a classic sign of bed bug bite....and that it can take a couple of days for them to appear. Awesome....NOT!!!! Tried calling but always put on hold. Just sent corp an email....awaiting reply.

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