Days Inn International Drive
5858 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819-8204

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I am the person listed in the anonymous report in November, 2013. The hotel never returned our phone call . We even talk to an attorney but was told since the bites came after we arrived home there was nothing could be done. I was getting bites the Saturday morning we left but didn't think anything about it . The rooms were not in good condition. On Sunday morning the 27th of October when I woke up I was covered. Was treated for the bites on three different times having the bedroom in our home

professional treated ., clothes sent to the laundry . A miserable time for several weeks . I will never stay there again and will not recommend it.

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We rented 15 rooms for our group. We asked up front if there was any history of bed bugs and the manager told me there were no bed bugs. We had one room that was infested with bed bugs but we did not know it until our trip back home when the bites began to appear. This was Oct.24, 25, 26, 2013. The occupant of the room has now numerous Dr. visits plus removal of carpet in their home and pest control charges that the motel people will not return calls or acknowledge any responsibility.

March 1, 2013

I was in room 278. When I first walked in, there were two cockroaches in the bathtub, to welcome me. I was slightly worried, but considered since this is Florida it might be normal. I then took the two beds apart. I saw the tell tale black stains along the seams of both mattresses. Like an idiot, I assumed they were old and that the problem had been dealt with. As a precaution, I kept all my clothes off the floor, at all times; and the one bed I could pull away from the wall, I


I awoke the second morning with bites on my arm, leg, and forehead. I gently tossed the mattress that I was sleeping in, and there was a bedbug. Since it was a soft mattress he survived all my wacks with my shoe. However he did not survive the heel of my shoe squishing and twisting. I took pictures of the black stain, the dead bug's blood and guts, and of my arm.

The manager put me in a new room. Which was done with me, transfer the bedbugs from one of his rooms, to another of his rooms. The new room was better. Things worked better. One of the mattresses was made of foam. No bed bugs there. Ever.

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August 31, 2012. 2am
I was up watching tv until 2am and when I was about to turn out the lights to go to sleep I noticed something crawling near my leg. A bedbug!!!!! I freaked out a bit and smashed it then got up immediately and saw another one which I put into a ziplock baggie to take pictures and show the front desk clerk. Needless to say I got my stuff packed and at almost 3am I got the hell out of there. The Days Inn front desk night manager refunded my money but that was about it. He

gave a half hearted attempt to find me another hotel but I said thanks but no thanks and found lodging on my own.

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