Comfort Inn Universal Studio Area
6101 W Sand Lake Rd
Orlando, FL 32819-8328

Found 2 reports:

Wednesday, February 8,2012, checked in, filthy conditions in the rooms, bed bugs active in morning hours. Two bed bugs killed, photos documented room conditions. Certainly no bargain, staff was unhelpful.

Stayed at this hotel (Comfort Inn Universal Studios Area, Sand Lake Road, Orlando) from 28th August 2008 - 7th September 2008 in Room 167. From the first night I experienced a couple of bites but thought they were mosi bites, on the 6th I woke up with my arms, hands and back covered with angry red, very itchy, lumpy bites, still had no idea what was feasting on me. As the room had two double beds on the night of the 6th I moved from one bed to the other to see if it made any difference. Woke

up on the 7th to find the empty bed crawling with bed bugs (adult and young). Some of the bed bugs were caught and shown to the management.

Had to see a doctor asap who gave me an injection straight away.

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