Clarion Inn Lake Buena Vista
8442 Palm Pky
Orlando, FL

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October 30-November 3, 2014
My husband and daughter stayed here for 4 nights on a stay playing softball. The first morning my daughter called to tell me she had bumps on her feet and they itched. I didn't thing anything of it. My husband had a separate bed and no issues. The 2nd and 3rd day she said they were spreading and they looked like bites. I wasn't with her so I thought maybe she had some kind of rash. When she got home I looked at her bites. Her feet were covered and multiple bi

tes on legs and arms. I felt HORRIBLE!! I had no idea what was going on. They were obvious bed bug bites.

I did not contact the hotel as their stay was over. I thought about calling but they are over 1000 miles away and they have my credit card number and info on file. Just scares me to complain. That is why I am glad I found this site.

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I'm staying there three days at the hotel, not noticed any bite.
Despite having found the bed when I arrived, tonight I saw a bed bug walking on the white sheet.
I went back to check the whole bed and not found any more insect so far.
second floor, room 1234

The bugs are still there!

We were there for one week in July 2013. It was our first stay at this hotel. We noticed them on our fourth day, without being sure of what they were exactly. 52 bites later, on departure day, I notified the front desk. They didn't seem surprised and simply replied that they were to send someone from maintenance.

On our first day, they also were to send someone to look after the safe in our room, which was defective, but no one came.

10/24 check in.
We were very concerned, when we googled the clarion in for their phone number, we saw bed bug links.
We asked the front desk if they were aware of the reports, and if it was true. They told us all hotels have bugs. I flat out asked..DO YOU HAVE BED BUGS?
They said yes, and we have the rooms we know of blocked off.. They wouldnt and couldnt give us a guarantee.

We found a new place.

my name is Patricia Coit and i live in Orlando fl. my husband and another couple just wanted to get away for the night so we stayed at the Clarion in Orlando. I really dont enjoy hotel so i carried my own wash rag an towel. i was even telling my husband when we got in the room that i forgot my own sheets and pillow case. Dont get me wrong the room was nice to the naked eyes but idk . i dont enjoy them that much. i even took my own bathing soap.On October 6 I spent the night at the Clarion. Th

e both couples were suppose to go back out to the movies but my friends were tired so my husband and i went to sleep. In the morning I got up my right ankles was itching really bad non stop. I looked at it and it was two little bites at first the my left ankles started scratching the heck out of me. Then all of bites was from my calf to my toes. I showed it to my husband and even said to him maybe its bed bug bites. I only had some hand sanitizer to put on the bites. Later on that night I got home an my both ankles are on fire, I went online because I heard about bed bugs before so I googled bed bugs pictures an there it was, the same bites in my ankles to my toes on feet. Now my husband has bites also . We had to throw away everything that we took to the hotel an disinfect my bedroom.i call the hotel they were no help . They told my I should have reported it right away, but how the fuck I know what bed bug look like. But I bet they when I say they I mean everyone at the Clarion Hotel. From house keeping to management to Jerry the security. Now I'm going to wait to hear what the exterminator say as per Jerry. Because something is under there dirty sheets. I will write something every night until someone call me back.....,

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We have stayed at this hotel on six different occasions and have never seen a bed bug. or any other bugs for that matter.

My family and I had reserved our rooms online because it seemed like a good deal. We went to Disney World all day and checked into the hotel at 1130pm. Immediately upon entering our room my husband and I checked the beds in our room (1306) for bedbugs. The first bed looked ok, but when we got to the second bed, we found at least 10. We immediately returned to the front desk to explain the situation. We told them that we could not stay there and that they had an issue that needs to be taken car

e of. We ended up staying at our usual hotel (the Hampton Inn south of universal studios) which was obviously a little more expensive, but all things considered, at that point, I really didnt care. Again checked the bed and found no issues. BEWARE OF STAYING AT THE CLARION INN IN LAKE BUENA VISTA!!!!!

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My wife and I stayed at the Clarion Inn from Feb 18-25 2011. Immediately I noticed that I was itchy all night but I attributed it to a sun burn. This continued through out the vacation. I had no knowledge of what bed bugs were capable of so I just rationalized the itching would stop. Once we got home I noticed the bumps that based on the reading I immediately did finally concluded that I had bed bug bites. These usually appear up to 9 days after the bite. The bites were the characteristic 3 in s

equence (morning/noon/night).
i am very upset and I am going to call this to the attention to the hotel and hopefully anyone who considers staying there.

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