Clarion Inn & Suites Orlando
9956 Hawaiian Ct
Orlando, FL 32819-8101

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I moved to a room at this hotel after finding bed bugs crawling around in my bed at the Red Roof Inn next door. The same person/company owns this property and the Red Roof. We were attending a conference and had no transportation so moving to the Clarion seemed like the best option.

We found signs of an infestation in our room at the Clarion. There were large sections of the mattress covered is bed bug feces. It was particularly bad on the part of the mattress that meets the wall (under the h


We also found young bed bugs; I think they were 2nd instar stage.

The management and owner were unwilling to admit that there was a problem, putting other guests at risk for infestation. The three of us staying in the room ended up with several (20+ each) bites all over our bodies. It's unclear if the bites came from the Red Roof, the Clarion, or both.

Eventually the owner threatened to sue me if I informed other guests of the issue.

I think their dismissal and aggressive denial of a bed bug problem does not bode well for future guests.

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