El Palacio Boutique Hotel
16805 Nw 12th Ave
Miami, FL 33169-5702

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04/13. I stayed at this hotel and at first had no issues. I was transferred to a different room, where I kept being awakened by a constant feeling of something biting me off and on throughout night. I contacted front desk immediately in middle of the night but was told there was nothing they could do until management came the next morning.No one contacted me, I continued to call seeking assistance. Ultimately I was told I had to wait until exterminator comes on Mondays. Once he arrived, he showe

d me pictures on his cell that he said he'd looked up online before coming to my room. I was transferred to a room directly across hall where bites continued. I continued to contact desk for help but received none. They sent a maintenance man who said it gave him the creeps when I described the feeling of what I had been experiencing. His "search" of room consisted of pulling back covers and doing quick glance while saying, I don't see anything. At this pint I had various scars on my body that I had begun to photograph and document as well as spots in bed.ultimately one day a friend visiting spotted one when I wasn't in the room then I spotted one the next day.again I angrily called front desk instantly with no help.i checked out and found a different hotel and left note for management asking them to contact me regarding the bites. As usual, she didn't so after a couple of days of waiting, I contacted her who became very rude and basically didn't want to hear anything cutting me off saying,my guys didn't find anything any of the times you called( even though I tried to tell her what their "search" consisted of. I told her I had to seek medical treatment twice for the bites and was STILL suffering to which she immediately replied "doctors can't prove bedbugs" extremely defensively and she no longer wanted to continue the conversation and abruptly ended call. It's been weeks now and I'm still suffering and am having complications because I was already in poor physical health and this infestation is exacerbating that. This has been a nightmare and disgusting and I'm truly miserable.

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