The Palms South Beach
3025 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33140

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Boyfriend and I stayed here recently. Didn't get any bites, but found a few on our luggage when we got home. Hiring a heat treatment specialist to come in next week. Don't stay here, for the price you pay, bedbugs should not be a worry.

I stayed here from 10/24- 10/27 on Business. I woke up in the middle of the night one night with really itchy ankles and what appeared to be mosquito bites. I did not go to the beach or the pool and was inside 95% of the time. I had bites on my foot where my shoe covers my foot. These bites were really nasty and more at one time than I had ever had before from a mosquito. The other indicator was the concentration around the ankles and the blood line - which I read about through research on

the subject. I contacted the hotel and although there are three complaints here and one on TripAdvisor with pictures - they claim it is the same person and all false claims. They say they have no bed bugs and never have. I asked for an indepedent review from an outside pest control expert and they declined and told me to sue them. I have no way of knowing if they do or don't - but given that they don't want an inspection - use your own judgement. The Better Business Bureau rates them an "F"

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I just got back from a great trip to Miami, but what I thought were mosquito bites are pretty obvious to be bed bug bites!!! Checked into the hotel 7/11/09 and checked out 7/14/09. We stayed in room 314. I have over 20 bites all over my body, groups of bites around my ankles and thighs and straight lines of bites along my whole right arm with random other bites on my back, stomach, and legs. My boyfriend was bit also, but only a few times on his back. I PRAY that we did not bring them home

with us.

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im sure the bugs are not only in the pillows, but all over. just pray you dont bring any home with you in your suitcase. staying in a hotel and being bit is nothing compared with bringing them back home with me!

If you concerned about your personal health and safety and that of your loved ones, then please read the following letter about bedbugs at the Palms Hotel in South Beach Miami.

March 23, 2008

Mr. Abdulhafid/Ms. Martinez-Cedrez:

The purpose of this letter is to immediately address the bedbug problem that exists in your hotel premises – the Palms Hotel in South Beach Miami, Florida.

My sister and I checked-in on Thursday, March 20 and scheduled to stay until Monday, March 24. U

pon our arrival and first night’s stay in room 511, we truly enjoyed the service and ambiance of the hotel. As a matter of fact, we were originally scheduled to stay at the hotel across the street – Habana Libre – but decided to spend a bit more to obtain a better vacation experience.

After the first night, my sister woke up the next morning itching and found red spots on her calves and ankles, which developed into itchier swollen welts throughout the day. At first, we were not sure what had caused it but decided to do some research when she discovered more of the same bites throughout her body the morning after! Sure enough, pictures of bedbug bites online closely resemble the ones found on her legs and body. Our strong suspicion is that the long light blue body pillow (which can be found in every room in this hotel) is thriving with bedbugs. She used the pillow to elevate her legs due to a recent knee injury.

We immediately called the front desk and spoke with the acting hotel manager, Alex, about our situation. To my surprise, the first question he asked was, “Have you told anyone about this?” Personally, that is not exactly the response I expected to hear from a hotel manager who is truly concerned about his guests. And despite his apologies, I did not feel that he had a good grasp of how devastating the situation was. I had to come down to the front desk and personally ask for him. To top that, there was no call to action and no effort to go above and beyond for the customer. I had to request for the uncased pillows to be removed from the beds and the sheets completely changed in our new room. I was also informed that neither of you will be available until Monday morning, which frustrated me even more.

We transferred from room 511 over to room 327 – from our preferred king bed to two double beds and on a lower floor. Having to pack up all our stuff two days before we check-out was an extreme inconvenience and a complete waste of time. As a result of this, our plans for Saturday night were ruined and I am now sitting in the hotel room writing this complaint instead of having a good time!

Most importantly, my sister is now suffering from constant itching, and worse, from public embarrassment. We are both completely uncomfortable with sleeping in your beds with fear of waking up to the sight of our bodies tattered with bedbug bites. I noticed that there are a lot of families with young kids that stay at this hotel. If I were a parent, I would be extremely concerned for their health and safety.

This vacation did not turn out to be an enjoyable one and we are both honestly disappointed to say that it is because of our aggravating experience here at your hotel. I regretfully yet respectfully request a full refund of my entire stay here. Also, I strongly suggest that those light blue pillows be removed from all hotel beds and have all pillows encased. In my opinion, it the least you can do in an attempt to alleviate this terrible situation. Bedbug-infested beds coupled with bad customer service can quickly leave you with a tarnished reputation in the hotel business.

Please reply to this letter by contacting me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx at your earliest convenience. I hope to hear from you and have this resolved prior to our check-out on Monday morning.

Anonymous Palms Hotel Guest

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