Riande Continental Hotel
1825 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139-7414

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This is by far the most filthy, disgusting hotel I've seen so far. And I travel a lot. I had a room for two nights. Upon arrival, I found a worn down place with disgusting carpeting, chipping paint everywhere and water damage all over the place. The beds were old and the blankets were gross and filthy. I decided to wrap my pillow in one of the old bathroom towels, kept my clothes on and slept without blanket. The next morning I had three bug bites.

I left the hotel after one night and luckil

y got refunded for the second night.


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After first overnight stay I noticed several bites had began to appear. This was odd to me as I didn't encounter very many misquitos. I had just come from a cruise and experienced ZERO bites. By the 2nd night stay, my entire body from face, neck, back, stomach, arm, legs and feet have bites/red raised bumps. The itching is extreme. I purchased a product called AFTER BITE and it is not working, at all. The itching is very persistent and annoying.

Notable, my roommate was so disgusted by t

he hotel room that she chose not to sleep in the bed and used towels to cover the couch. She has no bites, but also sprayed herself daily from head to toe with OFF (smart). I slept in the bed and am paying dearly for that decision! I itch so bad that I decided to look up bed bug bite photos and during my research found that this hotel is listed No. 10 as the dirtiest hotels in the country, as per TripAdvisor.

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