Kent Hotel
1131 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139-4604

Found 4 reports:

Was very upset no refund and I woke up from a long night with bites on us. Never again they offer to clean while we were out.. No not happening we left and went up the street for 2nights. All the way from Atl other then here we had a ball

Was very upset to see kent go down like this and I was pretty mad considering I had business partners booked their families their while we did work for 2days . It looks very nice but it was 4 rooms n they all had to be move to different rooms until they felt it was ant or little bug free but they didn't so we had to argue because we wanna to check out n money back and they just grin,kid started to cry so we left . Never again bugs,no pool, breakfast is nono

Hello we love Miami and tried the kent last week for a getaway & whatever it was the girls woke up with red lumps like and hidden fees. I say for 169 plus deposit hold or cash you can find better , we checked out and we heard 3 other guest doing the same. Pretty colors but bugs is in their one employee said It's Mia.. So we check back into our fab Dorchester n suites .our double was only 131 n our 1bd 2bd suite with kitchen was only we are happy again .. Alisha from Cali ....

During Art Basel Dec 2010. Checked in, found bed bugs on the mattress and checked out straight away.

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