Hotel Astor
956 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL

Found 3 reports:

There are bedbugs in this hotel, they wont do anything about it!!!!

My fiance and I stayed in this hotel on july 20, 2012. We awoke at 6am both itching uncontrolably and found we were covered in bed bug bites. When we told the man at the front desk, he shrugged and said "its a hotel, it happens". Do NOT stay here.

I stayed at Hotel Astor June 25, 2011 - room 309. When I returned home after checking out on June 26, I found that I was covered in bed bug bites. I called the hotel to report the infestation issue but have had no response from them. I have called three times but they have never been able to locate a manager. I have no indication that Hotel Astor plans to address their infestation problem.

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