Circa 39 Hotel
3900 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33140-3712

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Friday May 15 2015 - My son and his fiancée arrived early morning - went to bed for a nap - two hours later he had over 50 bites on his head, face and upper body. Found plenty of them under the sheet/mattress cover frolicking after their feast. The hotel DID respond quickly - sent someone to look and within practically minutes had moved them to their sister hotel. But oh how we all wish we'd checked here first!!

My Mother and I checked into the hotel on March 3rd, 2012 we were put into a room on the 2nd floor facing the courtyard. The room had an odd odor and the AC unit was loud. We both sat on the bed and contiplated whether we wanted to stay for the night. After about 5 mins. I noticed a spec on the sheet. We picked it up with a tissue and brought it into the bathroom to get a better look in the bright light. It looked like a tiny bug. Then another surfaced and another. We pulled about 5 off the bed

and then grabbed out luggage and headed to the front desk. By the time we got to the lobby we were itchy everywhere! We told the front desk we had to leave because the room had bed bugs and she seemed surprised. We told her the evidence is left on the bathroom sink! We put our bags into my car and headed to another hotel. Not realizing my car then got infested, our clothing, luggage, everything!!! We were pulling bugs off our clothes the next day! I had to buy a pesticide and spray down the whole interior of my Lexus and expensive clothing. I am completely disgusted and freaked out by the whole thing. I had to make sure I would not bring the bugs into my home. I had to strip down naked in my drive way, my husband ran out with a towel and I rushed into the shower and scrubbed my hair and body with tea tree oil. I am praying that this will go away. I hope my car is not damaged from the pesticide, I have to get my car completely detailed and hope there are no more bugs!!! DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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after the 2nd night staying at circa 39, i suspect that i was bitten by bed bugs. i have over 20 itchy bite marks all over my neck and arms. i slept in a tshirt and long pants, so the rest of my body was not bitten. i didnt notice the itchiness until a few hours after checking out of the hotel and when i was already on a plane back home. definitely would avoid this hotel again.

Stayed there in November 2009 and was bitten by bed bugs. horrible experience. Hotel offered us to change rooms and we wouldn`t need to pay car the parking if we stayed. but we definitely didn´t want to stay there any longer. When I asked if that problem has ever occured before, they said no, which I think was definitely a lie, because the cleaning lady who came to look at the bed recognized the bugs at once

Hi my name is Joe, and I have a pest control company which specializes in bed bugs. My sister went on vacation with her husband to Miami, and I happened to be there at the same time. She complained to me that she had bites all over her legs, and when she showed them to me, it was clear that they were from bed bugs. I went to her hotel, Circa 39 to check her bed, and all I had to do was take off the sheet and bed bugs came running out at me!! Although I've had experience in taking care of bed bug

s, I was nonetheless shocked at how real the problem has become. I asked the hotel staff if they've ever had any bed bug problems, and they answered NO WAY!!

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