Catalina Hotel
1732 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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I saw a bed bud today crowing on the bed. I got super angry and I called the manager to get to my room and see it. She told me the same story as the person that wrote the report in 2010, we have tempurpedic mattresses and it is impossible to have bed bugs. It was just disgusting !!!

This place is terrible and dingy. I noticed that I was very itchy all night while I was there, and then during the day I noticed some small red bumps near my ankle. I looked up my symptoms and realized that Catalina had bed bugs! I was not surprised given that the place smells dank and wet, and does not seem to be thoroughly cleaned.

We booked a KING room at this hotel on Friday 11/12. When entering the room, I immediately switched on a floor lamp located next to the bed and shined it one the white duvet. I noticed a very small dark spot on the bottom of the duvet. First thought, bed bug. Next thought, you're just paranoid! I shined the light on it expecting to see lint. When I leaned down to examine it closely, I watched it crawl to the underside if the cover, out of sight. I left the room immediately. The desk clerk

's response to the report was, "That's very strange, ma'am. Our hotel does not have bed bugs. We have special, tempurpedic mattresses that they do not like and won't go near. They are very expensive and that's why we have them." He offered to have someone check my room and spray if necessary. I refused. I insisted to be assigned another room on a different floor. He insisted the hotel had no bed bugs and suggested I saw an ant or a spider. He insisted over and over, "There are no bedbugs in this hotel." Who knows--maybe I saw a piece of walking lint, a begbug, or another very small, apple seed looking insect. I didn't stick around long enough to investigate further. The Manager assigned us an 'upgraded" room in the building next door at no additional charge, "the most expensive room we have", he said. I doubt that since the view was of a building. But I checked it out throughout our weekend stay and found no evidence of bugs in the new room except for one small spider, which I found crawling on the bed. Come to think of it, I wonder what that spider was eating!

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