All Seasons Hotel
3621 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL

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I've been bitten by bed bugs over 300 times since my boyfriend and I moved into Apt 501 in May 2011. We believe they came from the apartment adjacent to ours (Apt 500) that has had a serious infestation. Our landlord moved us to a different apartment in the building one floor below our original apartment. Within days the bedbugs had found us again. The residents of Apt 500 were evicted last week but the apartment was not properly treated. Rather, the contents were pulled out and dragged down the

stairs infesting the stairwell.
Since we informed our landlord of the problem an exterminator has come and sprayed twice but it hasn't seemed to help.
I've spoken to other residents of the building who also claim to have bedbugs.
The landord denied any knowledge of a preexisting infestation.

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