Westgate Vacation Villas
2770 N Old Lake Wilson Rd
Kissimmee, FL 34747

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We have been owners for 20 years at Westgate. We were suppose to be at our timeshare from September 7-14 2014. My husband and I were in the master bedroom and my daughter and her family stayed in the second guest room. My daughter woke up with bites everywhere. She is swollen head to toe. We called management. They called pest control to confirm that they were in fact bed bugs. When we lifted the shhets the mattresses were about 20 years old. Dingy and ripped. The infestation was in the piping

of the mattress and iaccording to pest control, the fecal matter from the bed bugs indicated they were at minimum over a week old. Also there were no matress covers of any kind on the beds. Pest control inspected the room my husband and I were in and assured us there were no signs of bed bugs in that room. Management moved us and the next morning there was a bed bug in my luggage. Our family vacation was cut short. My daughters bites have gotten worse to the point they are bleeding. We have had to bake our items and luggage in the sun, dry in the dryer, wash and dry again to prevent them from infesting our homes
Management gave us a voucher for $75.00 for dinner. They offered us an additional week which we refused. After further research, I found out this is not the first time Westgate Villas or thier sister resorts have had bed bugs. I will not be returning to Westgate Villas. And I strongly advise that no one purchase a timeshare from them.

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On June 2, 2013 we checked in at the Westgate Vacation Villa. From the outside the resort looks beautiful. However from the inside it is NASTY. I woke up on June 4th with a bedbug crawling next to me! We saved the bug in a bag and checked out! I wasn't staying there another second. I stripped the beds to see if the kids had any, thankfully I didn't see any more. But if I saw one there are hundreds more. I would never stay there again. I called interval and the gave me my week back to use at a di

fferent resort.

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We booked an interval "getaway" at this location for our family from November 4-11, 2012. I usually inspect for bedbugs, but we arrived very late with sleeping babies. We put our 6 month old in the master bed while waiting for a crib, and our two year old in the kids bedroom. We waited for over an hour for the crib, and had to call to remind the front desk to bring it. Our oldest child, age 9, started to go to bed around 11 pm, but came running out in horror saying there were bugs in his bed on

his brother. We went in to find dozens of them around our sleeping 2 year old- my husband smashed a few that were full of blood. I ran out to get my phone, but by the time I got back, they had mostly scattered. I did get a few on camera, however. I started looking up how to prevent carrying them home, while my husband saw to getting us a new room. I was disturbed that a guy with a can of big spray arrived first, before we moved. I had to ask him to please wait until my kids had been evacuated. We asked the security guard who came if they had this happen often, and he told us this was about the 4th time he had seen this happen. We also noted that in order for the bed bugs to have gotten that out of control, the hotel staff could not have been doing adequate inspections between guests. We were promised a visit from the manager as well as spray for our suitcases and garbage bags. The manager never came, nor were any of the items promised forthcoming. The staff had apparently been coached to say, "we'll let you know what the pest control people say they are." I reminded them that I had pictures and that I didn't need an exterminator to tell me if they were bed bugs.
Two hours later, we were moved to a new villa, which we inspected closely. After no follow up from the hotel, we reported the incident to the onsite interval staff, who contacted the hotel staff again. They again promised a visit from the manager to "let us know the resolution on whether they were bed bugs." By the time we checked out, there had still been no follow up from the manager, so my husband asked to speak to the manager on staff at check out. I told him not to request the spray and bags at this time, because i didnt want to wait several more hours before getting on the road. The manager he spoke to simply apologized that no one had contacted us and again told us that they had not confirmed they were bed bugs. THEY WERE BED BUGS folks!! There has been no other follow up from the hotel at the time of this writing.
In the meantime, we have taken necessary precautions- bought bags to quarantine our luggage, washed and dried all clothes in highest heat possible, etc. luggage won't come out of bags for months. Be careful out there folks! We feel badly for the hotel industry that this plague has hit them, but they also have a responsibilit to properly inspect to protect their guests, and certainly, if an incident like this occurs, they should not be using delay, stall and denial tactics- they should assist the guests in ensuring the problem is not spread. I was very disappointed in this hotel's response.

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Our stay started July 27, 2012. The first few days at the resort, they were great. The people, the atmosphere, etc.. Everything went really well until Wednesday afternoon. We were getting ready to leave for a late lunch/early dinner and my sister noticed a bug crawling on the sheets. By looking at it and reviewing the pictures on google, I thought and still think it was a bed bug. We immediately contacted the front desk and they sent an exterminator over. He walked through the room (only 1 room

) and no other bug at this time was found. He looked at it and said that it was a beetle. After showing him some pictures, he became unsure of what it really was. He contacted someone for us to change rooms. His reasoning was to be on the safe side. He decided to take the bug in the Ziploc bag over to someone to get a second opinion. We were given a new room. They brought new cards to us and showed us the new room. No one apologized and no offer to make the situation better. At this time, even the exterminator didn’t know what it was. After he left, my sisters and I went down to our new room and looked through the beds and couches. We did not find any evidence of bed bugs. What we did find was nasty mattresses. If I had to describe what was on them, it looked like urine, blood and just filth. Under the bed, there was dirt, dust and I can’t even guess what else. It was absolutely nasty. I later found under the carpet on the B side and there were stains under that. We requested new sheets and blankets. We tried to sleep, but after what we found, no one received much rest. The next day, we noticed the exterminators and housekeeping down in the old room cleaning and searching. My husband (one of the owners) went down there to see what and if they found anything. The exterminator responded that it was a beetle like he had said all along. That response bothered me because he was unsure the night before. They put the entire suite back together,(inspected and cleaned) I think rather quickly. I don't know if they had time to do a thorough inspection of the entire suite.

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On 8/7/11 my fiancee and I checked in the first night ok until the next morning we woke up with tons of bites all over our body we reported it to the hotel and they did nothing. They made us stay in that room for two more nights before I was able to make them move us the pest control guy they sent tried to say it was flea's but these were big welts they looked like pictures of beg bug bites I found on line the matress was so dirty and nasty you couldnt tell what was blood or what was a dirty mat

ress I had to was all my clothes and put them in plastic bags and throw away our suit cases and they put us in a tile room and the bites stopped.

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