The Palms Hotel & Villas
3100 Parkway Blvd
Kissimmee, FL 34747-4526

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Stayed in this hotel with my husband when we decided to take a vacation to Disney. 07 April 2015 The first night we got back really late because we went to magic kingdom first and I didn't notice anything. The next night I lay down and see a bug and freak out. So I start looking and I find 6 more! So I pack my stuff up and say we are leaving. Well I go back to the front desk to ask for a refund so maybe we an find another hotel well they say they can't give me anything because they have to call

pest control to make sure that's what it is and I said shouldn't you do that anyway? So you don't move someone back in the room, we'll apparently not. So I left anyway without a refund but I couldn't find a hotel that wasn't booked so I asked for another room and they give it to me but by that time it was 3 am and had to go to universal with no sleep. Overall a horrible experience. I even had shown them a picture of what I found "clearly looked like a bedbug" beware

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Date was on 6/26/08 Do not remember the room that had the bed bugs in it but it was a couple of doors down from room 8432.

We checked into our room late in the evening.

Was there with my daughter's softball team for a tournament in the area.

Went into room and saw a bug on one of the pillow cases but to be honest didn't even know what a bed bug looked like. So was grossed out but thought it was just one bug and threw it in the toilet.

My daughter went into that bed a little bit

after that and started feeling really itchy. I immediately told her to get out of the bed and upon inspecting the bed found many bed bugs as well as some other really tiny bugs all over the pillow. We immediately called the front desk to put in a complaint. We also saw a roach crawling on the ceiling.

Since we were with my daughters team we had to stay in the hotel to be with her team. They offered us another room which we checked out very well and did not see any bugs. And they changed our room. Needless to say we did not sleep well at all and will never stay there again.

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