Seralago Hotel and Suites
5678 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy
Kissimmee, FL 34746

Found 2 reports:

My fiancé and I checked into the Seralago Hotel and Resort on Sunday, January 28, 2014. The rooms were extremely run down and outdated but that didn't bother us since we just needed a cheap place to stay since we were heading out to theme parks.

The fridge, microwave, and alarm clock were all unplugged and the tables were sticky.

After returning back from an eventful day we went to bed at 10:30pm. At 11:45pm that night we woke up to the sound of someone trying to break into our room for

cefully trough the adjoining door that had been locked that divided our room with the people next door to us. My fiancé automatically jumped out of bed quietly and put his hand on the door to make sure the person could not get through. The banging continued for about 5 minutes and stopped as soon as we turned the lights on in our room. When I jumped out of bed we noticed multiple bed bugs crawling on the bed and my face and neck was swollen, red, irritated, and itchy. Then I heard some coughing outside of our main entrance door.

We immediately called security twice with no response, the front desk twice with no response, then called the manager with no response. I told my fiancé to call 911 but he tried the manager once more and was able to get through and he told the manager that someone was trying to break in. The manager said he will notify security and they would be right over to check up on us. We were so afraid that we started to pack everything up. Thankfully, we had kept our curtains closed. My fiancé peeped out of the window a few times to make sure no one was standing outside of our door or window. We waited for at least ten minutes and were afraid to stay inside any longer so my fiancé peeped out of the window once more and saw a family a few rows down at the parking lot outside and they were unloading their car to check into their room. So we took the opportunity to run out and get into our car immediately since the chances of any kind of attack while there were witnesses out were less likely then going out when no one was outside. As we were pulling away we caught security and notified him about the situation and that we were going to check out because we didn't feel safe. After speaking with security, my fiancé saw someone peeking through the curtains of the neighboring room. Oddly, that room didn't have their lights turned on in the room and we didn't hear a sound from that room once the aggressive banging stopped.

We went to check out at the lobby and notified the front desk once more about the situation. The women at the front desk told us how we could get a refund with the company we booked with but there were no apologizes or any kind of emotion given from her. We noticed the phones continuously ringing at the front desk but no one was picking up the phones either.

As I was sitting in the lobby trying to get our refund my fiancé caught one of the managers who was getting off duty and he shared with him what happened thus far. He apologized but as soon as we mentioned the BED BUGS (which he referred to as "BB" since there were other people checking in and didn't want to have them over hear our situation) he indirectly said that the report may seem like we possibly made up everything that happened. So I showed him my face with all the red bed bug bites; I've attached picture below as proof. I was insulted of such an accusation and was flustered so I assured him that we weren't the type of people to make up stories about our neighbors breaking into our rooms in the middle of the night and some how magically placing bed bugs in the bed I slept in and then some how creating bites on my face resulting in my face to be completely swollen.

He then tried to justify the banging as possibly "foreigners believing that the door maybe a closet so they kept pushing the door to get it to open". The manager offered us another room to stay in for no extra charge but we declined the offer because we felt unsafe and checked out around 12:30am. It seems like they were pushing us to stay so they wouldn't lose our business. On our way out we noticed the security man in the arcade room and didn't receive any sort of verbal report of what he did and if he spotted anything.

About 8 am post check out we called management once more and asked if they called the room next door to us to see what happened and why and if everyone was safe next door. This was a different manager that we spoke with and he shared that he was completely unaware of this situation and found the report once I told him the room number we stayed in. We told him everything that happened and he apologized for all of our troubles. He said he would investigate the situation and notify us on what occurred.

On our long ten hour drive back home, we reflected on what happened and realized that the Seralago Hotel and Resort didn't have their customers safety nor health in their best interest. Our lives were put in danger, we slept in a dirty bug infested bed in a run down dirty room, and were accused indirectly of lying about what happened and our traumatic situation was not even a concern or a priority-- however; I'm sure it will be now since thousands of people will be able to read about our experience and disrespect that we received from this foul company-- enjoy the pictures of proof. I look forward to having this situation addressed soon because the safety of the customer is not important for them, only what they receive out of your wallet is what they are after. Beware and stay away from this place!

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We stayed here for a week, kept getting bit but didn't know by what until we found the bed bugs. They were on the children beds and both myself and my kids have bites all over. We found 2 crawling on the beds and found the shells of bed bugs on the mattress. The hotels response was not what we expected. I'm hoping they fix this problem ASAP and nobody else will have their vacation ruined!