Orlando Courtyard Suites
2950 Reedy Creek Blvd
Kissimmee, FL

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1st time ever writing a review but after this experience I and my husband agreed it should be done. Hotel now called "Toscana Suites". My family after the 1st night complained of feeling bitten through out the night. I first assumed that it was the itchy covers that were on the beds. Then my 10 yr old mentioned she saw a small bug. On the second evening my husband noticed a bug crawling on one of the pillows around 12:30 am. He them began to inspect the edgers of the bed. He found more bugs.

He began to collect a few in a small disposable cup so to be able to prove to the hotel staff / management what we are experiencing. When shown to the office, they acknowledged and agreed that the insects were bed bugs. At 1:30 am we were moved to a different room and advised by the same staff to wash our clothing in all hot water. There were additional things that deserve low rating about this place, especially the service and general cleaning and an over abundance of slugs & wasps (but this site is for reporting bed bugs). The staff as we began moving
to the other room came in to take pictures of the bed. Before leaving the room I managed to take a picture of one crawling in the top of the bed ( too creeped out to lift the edges to photograph). Not sure how this place rated 3 stars on the booking sites.

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Wished that I'd have known about this website prior to my stay here, they have bed bugs, STEER CLEAR. The rooms looks nice, but I assure you there are bed bugs, we found a few in our room right before bed, just hoping that we don't carry them home at this point. Luckily I booked through hotels.com so they offered me a full refund of the stay and we went elsewhere.

We had a room booked for 08/28/12 and the 29th. It's behind two abandoned hotels and the area looks sketchy, but the rooms (especially for the price) are gorgeous - it's like small condo I'm not from the area and when we saw a small bug in the kitchen I looked up bed bugs and thought it looked different. Then we saw another in the bathroom. Around 1:30 am I noticed a larger, dead bug near the corner of the bed. Then I went to the bathroom and noticed several of them swarming out. This bigger bug

looked like the bed bug pictures that were coming up, I freaked, woke my sleeping wife and we grabbed all of our things and left. Since the lights had been dim for bed, we noticed them ALL OVER the room "eww there's two on the counter." We hadn't left the luggage open but I still have a concern about bringing them with us. We had to check into another hotel (we were supposed to be up early the next day for Universal but instead got there at noon). There's actually no one at the desk after 11pm, and the number left initially did not pick up. The next day I called and they offered to refund me only the second night. The woman at the desk said "we've never had this problem here" and sort of implied I was trying to not have to pay for the room. I was very stern, told them I had pictures, video (and they'd be all over youtube) and a bagged specimen and DEMANDED a full refund which I was told I'd receive, though I have not yet. Stay far away from this place - if one room has them, surely more do as well.

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THERE ARE BEDBUGS AT THIS HOTEL. I HAVE PICTURES. Prior to booking this hotel, the reviews gave a "don't judge a book by it's cover" impression, stating that while the hotel is under construction, the rooms are gorgeous.

The first impression I got was much like the reviews. It looked terrible. I "checked-in" to my reserved room but before I brought my luggage in, I did a full inspection of the beds for bedbugs. Lo and behold, I found what I was looking for. Disgusted, I took photos and went

to the front desk to leave, and the lady told me that she couldn't refund me for the night (mind you, I was there for 5 minutes), but the rest of the stay (4 more days), she did. I am traumatized from actually seeing these bugs.


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