Continental Plaza Maingate West
7785 W Us-192
Kissimmee, FL 34747-1727

Found 3 reports:

We stayed in room #154 on February 22nd 2014

BED BUGS!!! We rented a room here since it was cheap and we weren't planning on staying in the hotel except to sleep. First night, we woke up to bugs in our bed and blood spots on the sheets.

I was very upset as I went into the lobby and talked with the person at the front desk. The offered me spray--he did not seem shocked or surprised. I demanded a new room. The second room was better and did not smell. But, we just could not get into

bed due to the fear of being eating alive (literally)!! We cancelled our existing reservations.

My daughter broke out in a rash (primarily, arms but other spots as well). We went to the doctor who confirmed that they were from bed bug bites and we were given a topical cream.

We threw our suitcases away and had to buy all new suitcases, launder our clothes, and buy new shoes. When we came back to Minnesota we still left all of our belongings in sub-zero temps just to be safe.

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Checked for bed bugs when I first got to my room, and I found two dead bed bugs on the box springs. The staff is unfriendly and the hotel is pretty much a dump. They had a stack of 10 or 12 mattresses an/or box springs sitting out back of the hotel.

We stayed at this hotel from Dec. 18 through Jan 2, 2010-2011. We stayed in Room 262 and didn't notice any bites until Wednesday, the 29th. My husband started to notice bites on his legs & we were both in denial that we were staying in a bed with beg bugs. We called the front desk & they were not very friendly with us. The Front Desk person said something to the effect that there may not be another room available to switch to. My husband then asked to get a refund because we just couldn't stay

there any longer. We started to look up other hotels but due to the high season, it was either too expensive or simply not available. It was a terrible situation for us. The next day, they switched us to Room 162, & they were not apologetic at all. We only had 2 days left before we were checking out & since we have 2 kids we decided to stick it out or else we would be stuck sleeping in a car. Fortunately, my kids seemed to have slept in the "good" bed, so they were not bitten, but my husband & I slept on the bed closest to the door...we were both bitten, but especially my husband. This hotel is awful!! I want to report them to the Health Department so they can do an inspection on the place.

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