Club Hotel Ionian Princess
2951 High Point Blvd
Kissimmee, FL 34747-1712

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This Club Hotel is now knows as High Point World Resort. On September 4 my husband and I and a group of four traveled to this hotel. It is a timeshare hotel and we had never been at this place. We were setup in two rooms. The rooms were more like apartments very clean and nice. We had room 712 and our friends room 505. Since I had a previous experience with bedbugs before going to bed we checked the mattress and everything seemed clear. Around 4am I woke up itching all over and I told my h

usband the bedbugs are biting me so I turned on the light and they were on his pillowcase and on the bed and the mattress. They moved fast but he killed three it had been feeding on us all night so it was full of blood. They were so disgusting it made me squeamish. So we packed all our stuff and went to the car because the front desk is closed from 2am-8am. So once it was 8am we went to the front desk to report the bites and I had taken pictures so I showed them the pictures and they moved us. My husband was bitten all over and this spoiled our trip.

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