Best Western Lakeside
7769 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy
Kissimmee, FL 34747

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We got a room in building 5 in May 2011. Before bringing all our luggage in, I did a full inspection of the mattress. I was disgusted because even though the mattresses looked white and clean from the top, when you look along under the edging there were signs of bedbugs. Then I saw one and it actually jumped at me. I called my husband over and he even saw a few more. We were so disgusted and headed straight to the front desk. They really didn't seem to care. It was so late that we asked f

or a room in a building far away from building 5. Thankfully there were no bugs upon a full inspection (mattress flip, full mattress exam). Even though, I felt disgusted staying there.

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We stayed at this location 4/30-5/2 and brought bed bugs home with us. We did bring our own pillows, and I'm pretty positive that is how they came home with us. The room seemed perfectly clean and I never had any experience with bedbugs before so we never thought to check. I cannot remember the room number exactly but it was on the second floor overlooking the pool near the back of the complex.

This is our 5th out of 6 weeks of treatment. It has been HELL living out of garbage bags, sleep

ing in the living room, and having to buy a new mattress. I have not made any complaint to their headquarters, but after reading the previous post I will certainly make sure that I do. I wish we had never stayed there and certainly wish we had thought to check. Now, any hotel I stay in for the rest of my life will be thoroughly inspected before we get comfortable!

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I got a call from the manager at Best Western Lakeside today because I filed in a formal complaint to their headquarter. According to the manager, they had the pest control team in room 110 and found no bedbug. This manager accused me of getting the bedbug bites from elsewhere and she said at least 10 times there was no bedbugs in room 110. I told Lakeside Best Western was the only place I stayed at and that was the only trip I took. Then she said I must had those bites from the airplane or

the airport. In order to calm her down before she got an heart attack, I told her why doesn't she stay in the room for a week and tell me the outcome at the end ? Before she had a chance to continue, I simply said goodbye and hanged up.

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I stayed in room 110 at Best Western Lakeside from July 11 to July 17, 2008. On July 15, when I woke up in the morning, I found 3 insect bites on my left leg. On July 16, I had 2 more bites on my right leg. On July 17, I had 3 more bites on my left arm and 1 bite on my right arm. Thank god I was coming home on July 18. As soon as I got back, I visited the walkin clinic and doctor told me these are all bedbug bites. Now I am applying anti-botic cream to fight the infection and itching.