The Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa, Hollywood, Florida
3555 S Ocean Dr
Hollywood, FL 33019-2827

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The first night we stayed at this resort 12/26/14 I woke up with bed bug bites all over my legs and butt. Called front desk to reported and see if they can changed rooms but they told me they would send someone up to investigate but no one show up, after I went downstairs to complain they went up with me to check the sheetsand mattress during the process they insult me and my husband denied us a refund they were very rude and called us a liar never once apologize for the inconvenience or was s

ympatheticthat I had bites all over me only accused us of lying. They even said they would call a expert and possibly change our room after I got very upset. The manager gave us another room hours later but was fifty even had dirty towels all over the place from previous guest and they sent housekeeping to change the sheets original room instead of calling someone to remove the bed bug. I'm very disappointed in hilton and will never came back to diplomat. Not only I'm obligatored to stay here till new year eve before I can move to a different hotel, I don't get apologize, or even a refund but I get to stay and get eaten by bed bug.

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We stayed at this hotel in early January. About 4 weeks later, we discovered ~25 bed bugs in our apartment (I don't react to the bites, but we saw spots on our sheets and then the actual bugs). It's hard to know the source for sure, but seems highly likely we brought them back from the Westin - given the timing and number of bed bugs we had. Definitely check your room when staying here! Wish I could prove this and have Starwood reimburse us for the cost thermal remediation of our apartment!

I was in room 2949 noticed bites on my left forearm thought I was bit by a mosquito except the bites itch so bad then had drainage. I applied some alchohol and cortisone that I got from the staff at other Hotel during lunch. The next the day noticed more bumps in circle look. We were checking out so I thought I'll go see my doctor when I get home. When I returned home my partner and I noticed more bumps on our backs and wrist when I called the hotel and reported it to head security some guy name

Eddie he instantly insulted me saying, "oh my we never had this happen before." I was pissed instead of apologizing and assuring me the room will looked at he instantly denied the Hotel ever experiencing bed bug reports. I did research and found they have had several. SMH I called the head and Manager and is now seeking compensation for our stay there. FYI No Hotel is immuned from bed bugs with all the travelers and bugs it can happen at any Hotel but the worst thing a hotel can do is lie and say it never happen here. BS

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Woke up with what appear to be bug bites all over my feet/ankles...

Checked in Nov 7th, found inflamed itchy bites near groin, thigh, leg and armpit area. Looked on bed for signs and found trail of feces from what pics showed on line. Have pictures of all my bite and feces on sheets. Hotel said they inspected room and found nothing. Hotel denied anything and did not do more about it.

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