Paramount Plaza Hotel & Conference Center
2900 Sw 13th St
Gainesville, FL 32608-3015

Found 3 reports:

7/31/2013. This hotel has bebugs. I stayed here then in room 1214 for 3 nights. I noticed bugs in the bed when I awoke in the morning. The staff was notified and tried to deny everything. This hotel is subpar and gross.

I checked this place out before settling in and found evidence of bed bugs under the sheets in the mattress corners (blood stains, molt casts, dead bugs). I received a refund and stayed elsewhere in the city for the week. I was only in the room for roughly 10 minutes, and saw no live bugs. The hotel is a complex of multiple buildings - I was on the ground floor near the exterior door of building 1000.

We stayed at the Paramont Plaza Hotel on Saturday September 1. I woke the next day and I was "eaten alive". The bed bugs got me at least 15 bites on my back and lower legs and ankles.

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