Gallery Inn Hotel
1905 19th St Nw
Washington, DC 20009-1204

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--Stayed night of 4/7/10 in queensize bed in room 3
--By 4/8/10 a.m., R arm v itchy w/ slight red bumps, which progressed to medium sized bullae present in a line along ulnar aspect of forearm and intense swelling (am in healthcare field and extent of swelling was such that colleagues were worried may develop compartment syndrome), kept swelling and itching in check by taking antihistamines and applying topical steroids around the clock.
--Told the person at the desk when I checked out on 4/8/

--E-mailed hotel/owner that same week.
--Initially no replies. Then when mentioned may look into formal complaint, was told they'd give refund and order inspection of room.
--Three months later, no refund (and ?if inspection actually ordered either), just scars where the bed bug bites were.

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