Carlyle Suites Hotel
1731 New Hampshire Ave Nw
Washington, DC

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My friends and I stayed in rooms 301 and 310 in late January 2013 and had no problems with bedbugs. I believe these rooms are across the hall from the ones that have had reported problems.

I stayed in the Carlyle Suites in room 305 from November 19-20. I had a lot of difficulty sleeping. I woke up and saw 2 bedbugs. I called downstairs and they had me pack up and change rooms immediately.

These were nasty critters. I had over 10 bug bites that ranged from quarter to silver dollar size. after I got some cream to reduce the itching, I noticed some extreme pain on my whole left side (particularly hand/wrist/arm that was affected. It hurt to type, write, and move my arm genera


Based on previous reports, it seems like these little monsters have been moving from 302-307 rooms.

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I just stayed at this hotel for three nights in October 2012. I woke up with 3 bites on my neck in a row. I tried to ignore it but now that I'm in a new hotel, it's dawned on me what it potentially is?!! I never told the manager or found any actual bugs, but will call the hotel today...

I stayed there on June 25, 2012 and saw a bight red bug on the pillow as I was about to turn out the light. The front desk person was not helpful.

I took the dead bug home and an entomologist confirmed that it was a bed bug nymph. The only reason I was able to see it was because it had just bitten me.

I was in 302 and (eventually) moved to room 309. When I called the hotel back to confirm that the bug was a bed bug, I was told that they'd had an exterminator in 302 already to treat the ro

om. I suggested also treating room 309, but I don't know if they did.

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