Ramada Denver West
4700 Kipling St
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

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As a former employee,I feel it is my obligation to warn future guests about this hotel. There are at least 4 rooms that have been infested with bed bugs over the past 3 months. The disturbing part of this is that nothing has been done to get rid of these insects. The maintenance department was supposed to bring in a heat machine that is designed to heat up a room to +120 degrees which will effectively kill all bed bugs. But that does not seem to be a priority to the management of this hotel. Be

d bugs can and will spread to other rooms in the hotel if they are not treated immediately. And they will hitch a ride in suit cases, etc. and travel out of this hotel and into guests' private dwellings. This problem has gone untreated for several months (since the middle of August was when we first had complaints from guests). I personally saw bed bugs in Room 110, when a guest called me to come look at the insects jumping around on the bed. This was after he was bitten repeatedly. That incident occurred in September of 2011. It's neglect such as this that is adding to the problem of the bed bug epidemic.

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We stayed in room 103 on 8/20-22/10 3 nights. There were no suit cases stands in our room. I put my suit case on the desk near the window. When I went home on Monday early AM I found 3 large bites at my waste on my right side. The next day they became very itchy, it continued for several days. Not knowing what it was until I added things up in my mind and went to the computer about bed bug bites. They were exactly like the bites that were on the computor pictures. There were a row of bites; abou

t 8 to 10 bites, above the large ones and another row about 4 inches away toward the back. And then another row of bites about 6 inches below the main site. I never saw any of the bugs. When I realized that is what it was I took all of my clothing from the suit case and soaked them in soapy water overnite.
I have not had any more bites, but am still cautious about eggs and how long they will take to hatch.
I flew home on Monday and did not stay at any other hotel.

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