Motel 6
3050 W 49th Ave
Denver, CO 80221

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Can't say for sure what did it, but my girlfriend and I didn't 4 nights in Denver, 3 at the hotel VQ, and the last one at the Model 6. This morning driving hoe my girlfriend and I both notice we game several bites. Awesome. So... it seems most likely that it happened here.

August 2014

Me and my mom were traveling through Colorado and started off going to a different motel 6 in Denver, while she was in the office I decided there was no way I could stay there because of the amount of crackheads around.

The room was disgusting, the carpet was absolutley filthy and coming up away from the wall as if someone had pulled it up, and it smelled like urine. The walls were dirty and I wont even start on the bathroom. We asked to be switched rooms but were told they

didn't have any(which was a lie), so with it being late and not wanting to ask for a refund and finding another place to stay we decided it was only for one night and stayed there.The next morning we wake up with bites all over our legs and feet. The itching was so bad i spent the next three days digging at the bites making our vacation horrible.

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Looks like I may have been bitten. Not sure. I stayed her on July 25th room 212. I am currently with a tiny blister bubble that is really itchy on my toe?

I went to visit a friend in motel 6 off room113 and Peoria layed in the bed for less then an hour and was bit several times. Jumped up and seen a full grown bed bug. He went to the office and was moved rooms and refused a refund. Also was told they are keeping a log the bed bugs so obviously are very aware of the problem. Sad that they are still in business after haveing them a year after the first reports.

On September 21,2012 I got a room at this motel then I went and checked it out as I do at every motel/hotel I stay at. I picked up the mattress and the first thing I spotted right off was a bedbug. I have heard that Denver has really been bad with the outbreak. I went to the front desk and showed them the bed bug they were really understanding and refunded me my money and also said that the matter would be taken care of.

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