Economy Inn-Great Western Inn
1261 W Capitol Ave
West Sacramento, CA 95691-2718

Found 2 reports:

We were looking for a hotel for the week and had asked a series of questions, one of them being about bedbugs, and we were assured they were free of bedbugs or other problems. We went up to the room and it looked great, we settled in and then one of us got bit and sure enough, Bedbugs. We also found a tiny pouch filled with baggies used for drugs. We of course received a full refund with a little tug and pull but finally got through to them when we threatened to knock on every door. Overall good

looking place but then again looks can be deceiving.

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From October 19, 2011 found about 10-15 bed bugs over the course of a week. Was bit badly and the itching was unbearable.

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