Vagabond Inn Ventura
756 E Thompson Blvd
Ventura, CA 93001

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I stayed here mon 4/21- thurs 4/24 rm 213. On wed 4/23 night I noticed 5 red hard bumps on my arm. I assumed that it was a reaction to the prolonged sun exposure I had that day. By thurs 4/24 more bumps had appeared on my legs and face. After alot of google searching I finally found picts that looked like my symptoms. I also found a report from earlier this month on from someone else who stayed and was bitten. I have made 3 calls to the motel and have not received an answer bac

k. The bites have only gotten worse. Im calling my credit card company to ask that the charges he reversed. I work in healthcare and am staying home because I look so afraid I will scare my patients. Im also worried that I couldve brought this problem home with me

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I too was a victim of bed bug bites at this motel. I was told that they had unfortunatly had booked a family with a pet who must have had fleas and reversed my $80.00 charge back to my credit card and I was given another room across the court yard and pool area. I was awaken twice by the management at my door saying "we got a complaint that the t.v. was too loud. twice!! I left the next morning with lg. red welts from head to toe.At 80.00 a night it was enough to call my dr. then the newspaper.

Steer clear.

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On 9/22/12 my friend and I stayed at the Vagabond Inn Ventura. The next morning I kept complaining to my friend about bug bites that were appearing on my hand, wrist and arm. She said that they are probably mosquito bites, but throughout the day, more and more bites were showing all over my body from my neck to my toes. I started getting very upset because the bites became extremely itchy and uncomfortable. I called my friend who shared the hotel room with me and I asked her if she had any b

ites and she noticed that she did have bites starting to show up all over too. After researching to make sure that it was bed bug bites, I called the hotel and I told the front desk agent what had happened. She took my information down and said I would have to call again the next morning to talk to Amy, the manager. I called in the morning and I spoke with Amy. I told her what had happened and that I want a full refund. She was not friendly and did not apologize for what had happened. In fact, she sounded annoyed with me. She told me she would have the hotel refund me the money the next day, but she said it in a rude manner. She acted like she should be the one that is irritated. I am glad that they are giving me a refund, but as someone who has worked in the hotel industry, I do not appreciate the way the manager handled the situation.

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I woke up June 23, 2012 covered in bites. They took it seriously and gave me a full refund.

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