Comfort Inn
6909 Sepulveda Blvd
Van Nuys, CA 91405-3505

Found 4 reports:

Forced to stay at this location after house was foreclosed upon. Reported massive infestation to staff, was met with hostility and indignation. Since we had pets we had no other place to stay. Management refused to give us a new room or do anything at all for us. They were spraying other rooms on our level, addressing the problem in secret while denying anything wrong, checking in new guests the entire time. The worst part? They accused us of bringing them in!!!

Bed Bugs all Over. Now a Motel 6!

I stayed at this hotel in July 2008 and I also had bed bugs in My room. I had bed bug bites all over My body!!! It was SO disgusting!!!!!

Hi was staying at this motel while i was out of town for wor the weeks of 1/4/2011 through 1/13/2011 i noticed that i have several bites i looked them up online and all the signs say bed bugs!! i have about 40-50 bites i will never stay at this hotel again.. By the way the motel listed at the adress i typed in says Comfort Inn but it has changed and the real name is Motel 6 now

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