Maple Tree Inn
711 E El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Found 3 reports:

12/5/2011 I woke up around early and went into the bathroom, I turned on the light and there was a bedbug crawling on my shirt. I took off the sheets and saw more bedbugs crawling around. I captured some in a plastic bag and took them to the front office. They moved me to a new room and refunded me one night's stay. Later on that day when I returned to the new room it smelled like bug spray. I had to smell the bug spray all night, that was probably worst than the bedbugs.

Stayed at the hotel on 10/23/2011 and smashed a bedbug on the bed at around 5am after I woke up. Also found numerous bites on my arms within a few days of departure.

12-3-10 I stayed in Room 247 and was awakend by by itching. Turned on the light in the room and found several bed bugs in the bed. I told the night auditor Jessica who said "I thought we solved that issue". She wasn't concerned. I had to sleep in my car that night. The Maple Tree Inn did not refund me for my room.

No nearby bug reports