Comfort Inn
1071 E El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087-3755

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Stayed in Room 219 6/18/12-6/21/12, on the morning of 6/20/12, I woke up with bed bug bites all over my body.

Called the front desk on the morning of 6/20/12 to request the room change. The front desk lied stating that the person who checked out of the room on 6/19/12 did not have any problems with it.
I knew it was a lie because I checked in the room on 6/18/12, and had not checked out. I confronted the fact to the front desk. All they did was to replace the sheets and blanket. They did n

ot give me a different room despite my complaint.

I woke up the following morning (6/21/12) with more bed bug bites.

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