Hotel California
1670 Ocean Ave
Santa Monica, CA

Found 2 reports:

I also had a bed bug experience at this hotel in the long term apartment rentals. I stopped for a quick one night stay in this hotel on the way home from a long trip. I ALWAYS do an inspection and in this case decided to just not be paranoid. At 1 am while playing on my phone I saw something out of the corner of my eye crawling on the white sheets. I smashed it with my phone and blood squirted out everywhere. My husband and I TORE the bedroom apart looking for any other signs and found noth

ing, but I checked out immediately and drove home. I have my items in black trash bags in my car (it's 111 degrees outside here) and will take them tomorrow to Laundromat to heat treat them.
The person at the front desk assured me that this has never happened in the 4 years she has worked there, but I see from the other encounter posted here, that that is not true. Waiting to hear from management on this issue.

Wondering if the other person who had the same problem reported it?

see full report...

I stayed in one of the long term apartments and within a day I had bites on my arm that I thought were mosquito bites. In a few days I had bites all over my body and found a blood-engorged bedbug crawling on the sheets. Needless to say I checked out, had my clothes laundered and dry-cleaned and threw away my suitcases. No sign of bugs and my bites are healing.

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