Vagabond Inn Santa Clara
3580 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA

Found 2 reports:

I found mold almost every where in the room. The air conditioner was broken right when we got in and so was a drawer to the dresser. I started feeling iychy while laying on bed and remebered my friend told me this motel had bed bugs.. looked around for them and found a bunch of trash and mold behind the bed board. Right after that my boyfriend found a live cockroach in the broken drawer!!! I was disgusted and called the front desk for a refund and she said they do not issue refunds. And i have t

o tell the manager in the morning.

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Bed bug late at night check in, bed bug was huge on white sheet on bed. I called the office and they pretty much just laughed.
Horrible and felt itchy!

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