The Plaza Suites
3100 Lakeside Dr
Santa Clara, CA

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Stayed in Rm 636 for 3 nights (Dec 16-18, 3014). Didn't notice anything while there except a strange odor during the second night that woke me up and made me switch pillows. Two days after getting home, I have at least a hundred, red itchy welts along my chin, jawline, ear and shoulder that look exactly like images of bed bug bites on the Internet. The itching is absolutely incredible!!!

We stayed in this hotel for 4 nights, and on the 3rd morning, we found a fresh blood smear and a dead bedbug. The hotel sent someone over (an "expert"), who without hesitation identified it positively as a bedbug.
We got moved to a different floor and room, and our belongings were put in a hot-bag and clothes were put in a dryer.

After the "cleansed" belongings were returned to us, we never heard from the hotel again, and actually had to request compensation when we checked out. We only rece

ived a single night of compensation, but did receive a lot of extra stress, and basically a ruined remained of the stay and return home (stress).

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Ironically enough, I stayed in room 426 on 5/31/13. About a week after the first report of bed bugs listed on this site.

I have taken classes regarding bed bug prevention and I did not see any bugs in this room. Room was clean and visibly bug free.

Got bed bugs from room 426. Discovered when I came back to Europe, now in my home.

Stayed there last week. Assessed the room carefully before bringing in luggage.

No issues whatsoever. No bug feces marks or stains right down to the mattress. Also check the other side of the mattress. All clear.

The room is tight, and the luggage rack is wood, so there are lots of points of entry. The coffee table has metal legs, which is a good alternate.

my boss on Wed night June 8th 2011 pulled back the covers and bed bugs were in the bed..... The hotel had called his cell phone earlier that night to see how his room was.... Wonder if they knew something... :(

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