Motel 6
3208 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA

Found 2 reports:

09-29-13 12am Room 136 - Was laying down around midnight surfing online with my laptop when I noticed a bed bug on my pillow, I caught with a piece of plastic from a bag and reported to the night clerk, he said nothing we can do until the Manager comes in the morning, He wrote it down for the manager. I cannot sleep and will complain to the manager in the morning.

Since the 14th of March of this year, I have been staying @ the Motel 6. I am still there, to this day same room. The maids come to change the linens every 3rd day. - As the motel 6 routine ) and in that short time of staying there, I first found red bumps on my fingers.. Now red welts are on my arms and legs and back - These are indeed bed bug bites.. ( Ive investigated the bites myself ) My body now itches from all the noticeably red mark bites all over me.

Please have someone investigate

this place. This motel is nice and has great service - But to have an infestation of bed bugs is downright creepy and annoying!

Thank You

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