Econo Lodge Santa Clara
3477 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95051

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The place has bed bugs for sure. I stayed there on July 28th in room 220 and about 9 days later I have found little bites all over me.

We got 2 rooms with 2 beds while doing construction work nearby after getting to the room and Leaving all of our stuff and going to get dinner around 6pm we came back and went to use the bathroom and seen bugs crawling on the floor and walls in the bathroom one of the otherer guys staying in the room pulled the Sheets back to find little bugs crawling on the sheets we looked them up on google to confirm they were Bed Bugs we called the front desk to complain they said theyre was nothing

they could do we canceled our rooms and went looking for another hotel
Rooms 119 and 220 were the 2 rooms we got and both of them had bugs in them

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It was like a scene from a horror movie, just unbelievable. There were bed bug crawling on the floor, the walls and of course the beds. There were tiny clear looking bugd to big dark ones. It was a nightmare. The employees themselves told us that the owners don't allow them to change the sheets, if they look clean the workers just make the bed. We even saw bums leaving some rooms with their cart. This place has to be violating some laws. Don't ever stay here especially in room 210.

We arrived in the room late afternoon. We promptly left for dinner and a movie and returned about midnight. My son pulled the sheet partially back in order to get in and said " Dad there is a bug" I looked at it and confirmed that it was indeed a bedbug which was reddish in color, flat and about the size of a rice crispy. We gathered our bags and left around 12:30 pm to find another hotel.

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