Santa Barbara Spa Del Mar
633 E Cabrillo Blvd
Santa Barbara, CA 93103-3611

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We stayed at the Fess Parkers Double tree Resort on September 23 and did not get bit. The next night just as we were ready to go to bed 11:15 pm, the bed made all pretty, on the pillow was a bug!!!! I said it looked like a bedbug, hubby did not want it to be, so he said he didn't think it was. I called the front desk, told her I believe we have a bed bug on our bed. She called the expert in Housekeeping, they are experienced in this she said. Two ladies came and looked at the bug and said i

t was a bed bug. Said they make you itch all over. So I had my mind made up if we saw one on this trip down south, we would leave immediately and drive north to home 5 hours. So at 11:30 PM we leave Santa Barbara and arrive in Castro Valley at 4:15. am. Was really rough!!!!! We were suppose to stay 2 more nights in SB, then off to Huntington Beach for 4 BUT WE WENT HOME. We checked the bed our first night and saw nothing. Looked with flashlfight, but didn't check the foot of the bed.

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