Hacienda Motel Santa Barbara
3643 State St
Santa Barbara, CA 93105-2521

Found 2 reports:

The room at first seemed like the typical place to find bedbugs! Anyway after two hours of sleep we woke up with several bedbugs crawling on us. We kept a dead one as evidence, and compared with pictures. We couldn't reach hotel staff in the middle of the night so we left the room and slept in the car, the bugs we're bugging us out way too much! In the morning we told the manager and immediately got our money back.

I stayed at Hacienda Motel in Santa Barbara on Saturday the 13th. I woke up the next morning with red spots all over my body. I have bites on my legs and arms and hands. I tried not to itch them but the longer the day goes on, the worse it gets. I have tried to contact the manager three times and now am waiting to hear back. No response yet. This place I would never recommend ever! Gross!

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