Fiesta Inn and Suites
1816 State St
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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Stayed in room 16 as mentioned by the previous guy. I spent one night 1/11/12 and then took several bites home with me. I did not know it at the time what the bites were from... i am currently in the process of cleaning house with more bites showing up everyday.

Stayed one night 10/31/2011 in Room 16 with my brother. My brother and I were each covered in bed bug bites the next day. They feasted on us and we only slept about five hours or so. We were each bitten about 80-100 times all over our arms, hands, faces, necks, backs, legs, etc. Complained to management and they simply said they had bed bugs two years ago, but not currently. After checking out the next day we noticed many discarded mattresses in the back of the parking lot as we were driving awa


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stayed there on october 7-9, 2011. The bugs came home with me and I am covered in bug bites and have to get my whole house inspected to get rid of them. room 16

Woke up about 5am with the bed coveredin about 50 bed bugs. Room 18.

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