Oakwood Apartments
700 Saratoga Ave
San Jose, CA 95129-2405

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Oakwood apartments are infested with bed bugs.I just recently moved out of there within the last month. I had thought bed bugs were a myth until I unfortunately found out the hard way that they are real and THRIVING within this appt community.They reproduce at an insane rate. Each female can lay 5 eggs per day. My encounter with bed bugs at Oakwood Temporary housing was one of the worst situations I have ever had to encounter. I had to go to the emergency room it was so bad.I was literally obtai

ning 5-10 bites per day.By the time I finally said enough is enough and i went to the hospital, my neck was completely locked stiff.I could not work,drive,let alone even move my head! Were they fleas?no.spiders,mabey?no. Noted on a certified letterhead from Orkin, I had a BED BUG INFESTATION!! I freaked out and didnt know what to do. Oakwood management told me that i had to wash every single textile item by hand. At three dollars a load I easily spent $75 washing my clothes and textiles. My furniture couldnt be treated. I had to get rid of my two leather couches, my whole bed, and even my 50 inch tv because the bed bugs are attracted to static electricity! By the time I got out of the lease, I had been in a month long battle. I lost more than 50% of my belongings and hours upon hours of labor trying to wash and clean everything. Pretty messed up consitering this was their fault. I went to pursue them legally. I spoke to four attorneys and they all told me I had a case that I could easily win for the amount of around $7500, but of course the lawyer fees were way above that. So that was out of the question. Here I was stuck, doing these peoples work not saying anything covered in nasty bed bug welts.As i mentioned, I am out now and at peace with the situation. JUST PLEASE EVERYBODY KNOW THAT OAKWOOD TEMPORARY HOUSING LOCATED AT 700 SARATOGA AVE SAN JOSE CA,95129 IS AND I REPEAT IS INFESTED WITH BED BUGS. THE MANAGEMENT IS ALSO EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL AND UNTRUSTWORTHY. IF YOU GET INTO A SITUATION WITH THEM MAKE SURE TO GET IT IN WRITING AND READ EVERY WORD

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