Marriott San Jose
301 S Market St
San Jose, CA

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never had an problem here I have been staying here every week for the past year

*I have stayed at this hotel three time betwen Aug 09 and Sept 09 in the same room, 405. I was getting bug bites each time, but thought they might be mosquito bites. On my second stay, I discovered little blood smears on my sheets and thought I might have scratched open the bug bites. When I came home, my husband saw a bug on the bed by my suitcase. Not having any experience with bed bugs, he killed it and thought nothing of it. The third stay, I was covered in bites by Friday and when I go

t home that weekend, I showed them to my husband. He remebered the bug he had seen and looked up bed bugs on the internet. Sure enough, we had an investation. I called the hotel who offered to comp me four nights and I turned it down while they conducted an investigation. The results were supposedly no bed bugs, not now, not ever. I do not beleive them since there were too many signs that I picked them up there.

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