W Hotel San Francisco
181 3rd St
San Francisco, CA

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I'm fighting bed bugs in my apartment and this is the only hotel I've stayed at recently. The timing is right, and reading others complaints, I'm concerned that this may be where they came from. I don't want to accuse too heavily, but just a word of warning for anyone considering staying there.

Just spent one hour in the bed (4th floor) and started itching. I pulled away the bed covers and found bedbugs. Not lots - just a few. I went to the desk and they were completely unhelpful. They did not offer to do anything for me because I booked through hotwire. I will never stay here again.

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Yikes, wish I'd read these reports earlier. I've heard stories of people getting bed bug bites & even bringing these disgusting pests home in their suitcases etc - even at high-end resorts and hotels - but I just didn't want to believe it.

The nightmare is true. I've just discovered I have a bed bug problem, and the only hotel I've stayed in that could have triggered this is W Hotel SF (May 12, 2012)

I see that someone else experienced bedbugs here in early June this year.

To be fair -

the other fear I have is that possibly one can pick up a traveling begbug from someone's bag, while riding MUNI? I see a huge # of infestations in Chinatown neighborhood, and I ride the bus thru there almost every day.

BUT - the #1 example I read about in terms of bites, transmission etc - is with hotel stays. Even rather upscale hotels & resorts. Such as W San Francisco. Yuck. Thanks a lot, W San Francisco - now I get to deal with this at home.

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Got home after one night stay and three days later had bite tracks on my neck/shoulder. Confirmed bed bug bites, and the only place I stayed with potential exposure was this hotel. Learned my lesson - will check for bugs next time.

Stayed at the W from Oct. 20-24th, 2011. Found what looked like bedbugs in my bed. Notified hotel management, who contacted Orkin for inspection. Inspection confirmed bedbugs.

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